The President’s Fund: Made to Impact

At Hult, every contribution counts. Together, we'll make an impact that will resonate for generations to come.

Let’s do more together

As a member of the Hult community, you understand our strong belief in teamwork. It's the cornerstone of our unique approach to business education. By uniting as students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends, we can transform lives and the school's future, serving the global community. The President’s Fund acts as a vital link between our institution and our non-profit mission to make a meaningful impact. All funds received are strategically invested, chosen by our President biennially. As a team, we can create a future marked by excellence, innovation, and a shared mission.

continuing 20 years of impact

As we mark our 20th anniversary, it's time to drive greater change and shape our school's future. We've thrived by leveraging diversity and embracing challenges. To expand our impact, the Hult community must actively shape our future. Our first target is to raise $2M in two years. Let's see how far our Hultian drive can take us in the next two decades.






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As a non-profit business school, donations are essential for our long-term competitiveness in the rapidly evolving higher education space. Unlike our peers with well-established fundraising infrastructure and committed donors, we are in the early stages of building a strong donor base. Over time, your donations will help drive momentum, innovation, and talent acquisition as we continue to strive for excellence. Supporting Hult enhances the value of your degree and boosts our school's reputation and ranking, benefiting both your future and future students.

Alumni Donor: Alessandro Braglia

"We wanted to help deliver higher education to students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. We looked at several different institutions, always asking the question: why would we send someone to school here? Hult is drastically more practical than any other institution I know. It is international, builds your mindset, and teaches you how to grow. 

The Hult Scholar Grant was the perfect opportunity for us to support the higher education of a candidate, they get a full package scholarship with strong support across the program. Hult offered a trustworthy and transparent partnership with a clear understanding of who makes a good candidate. 

Hult remains a key partner in my personal, career, and philanthropic journey. We hope that our support plays a catalytic role in convincing other alumni to support future students, that was a key objective when we decided to embark on this giving journey."

Alessandro Braglia is a graduate of Hult's Master's of International Business and Disruptive Innovation programs and is Head of Philanthropy at Augmentum, a charitable platform dedicated to supporting game-changing projects that improve lives, empower communities, and strengthen the connection with nature and our past.

What will your donations do?

Our first priority for the $2M in 2 years goal is to transform lives through the Hult Scholar Grants.

Education has the power to transform lives. With the introduction of the Hult Scholar Grant for undergraduate students two years ago, we’ve seen the life-changing impact a full scholarship can have, bringing outstanding undergraduate talent into the Hult community. With your donations, we can also offer full scholarships to deserving postgraduate students. By removing financial barriers, we can ensure that the most talented individuals from all backgrounds have the opportunity to thrive and become future leaders in the business world. By investing in their education, you are investing in your network's future and our global economy.

“I have been working various jobs from cleaning to being a receptionist. I worked day and night, living paycheck to paycheck, and living in an unfavorable situation. It was thanks to the grant that I was able to graduate without worrying about my financial situation, get a job doing what I love, and support my family."

George Nying
Gambia & UK, BBA Class of 2024

“Being at Hult has opened so many doors for me, I was fortunate to meet like-minded individuals with whom I am building a startup, and have participated in the Hult Prize. Without this grant, I would have missed out on experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life.”

Daigo Kobayashi
Mexico & Japan, BBA Class of 2023

“The Hult Scholars Grant made my dream into a reality. It has paved the way for endless opportunities to learn and work with a diverse group of people and to travel and discover one of the best cities in the world—London.”

Patra Wanjiru Mwaniki
Kenya, BBA Class of 2024

“The Hult Scholar Grant changed me for the better, and with it, I have been able to become a student leader on campus. Drawing on these valuable experiences, I have managed to get an internship offer during my sophomore year.”

Ahmed El Harouchi
Morocco, BBA Class of 2024

"Receiving the Hult Scholar Grant has changed my life in the most positive ways. I've launched a social startup in India for underrepresented youth, worked on several challenges with companies shaping the future of business, and received an offer from Google!"

Zachary Benatatos
USA, Class of 2022

“The Hult Scholar Grant allowed me to grow in an innovative environment where hands-on experience is valued most. In my first year at Hult, I already received the knowledge, mentorship, and growth mindset to launch my fintech startup, PayPipe.”

Lisa Steinhauser
Germany, BBA Class of 2024