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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As a Hult alumnus/alumna:

IT support

How do I access my login credentials for my Hult alumni email address? 

At the beginning of September 2016, new login credentials were sent to both your alumni and personal email addresses. At that time we migrated all alumni accounts to Azure (a Microsoft single sign-on platform). The migration allows you to access your Hult email address, My Courses, and MyCareer with the same login credentials.

If you have not received your new Hult alumni email login credentials, please submit your request at support.hult.edu and a member of Hult’s tech team will follow-up within 48 hours. 

How do I log into my Hult alumni email account, MyCareer, and MyCourses?

Due to the recent email migration, you can now log into all three accounts with the same login credentials. You can also access each site through its individual page:

Hult Email

Academic support

How do I obtain a copy of my official transcript, or obtain a proof of enrollment letter?

You’re encouraged to contact the registrar team from your home campus to obtain a copy of your official transcript or proof of enrollment letter. You can find the contact information for each campus registrar team below:

Boston registrar@Hult.edu
San Francisco Undergraduate: registrar.sanfrancisco.undergrad@hult.edu
San Francisco Postgraduate: Registrar.SanFran@hult.edu
London Undergraduate: registrar.london.undergrad@hult.edu 
London Postgraduate: registrar.london.pg@hult.edu
Shanghai: Registrar.Shanghai@hult.edu
Dubai: Registrar.Dubai@hult.edu

How do I sign-up for this year’s lifelong learning opportunities? 

Every year you may choose to enroll in a one elective course. The cost is a $100 registration fee. This year, the lifelong learning opportunities will take place between May and August of each year (Module D & E). We will begin registration in March of 2018. 

Click here to learn more.

Hult Connect

How do I sign-up for Hult Connect? 

Hult Connect is a platform for alumni; start a discussion with fellow alumni, or send direct messages, post photos, access an internal job board, register for global alumni events, and search the alumni directory. You can follow global alumni chapters and update your contact information. Register today using your LinkedIn, Facebook, or email account by going to: connect.hult.edu
If your initial profile matches a record in our alumni database, you will be automatically approved for Hult Connect.


Do I have a discount to the Hult Store?

From Fall 2017, Hult Store massively reduced prices, which is why we don't offer the alumni discount anymore. However, new prices are very competitive!

How do I refer a friend or family member to Hult?

We encourage alumni to actively participate in building Hult’s global generation. Click here to submit a referral, and to discover the benefits of the program.

How do I share a job with the Hult alumni network?

You can  help strengthen Hult’s relationship with the alumni community by participating in the Alumni Job Referral. You won’t just be helping current students—19,000 alumni also have access to the worldwide program, which covers a unique and diverse pool of professionals.

Visit our website to begin sharing jobs with the Hult alumni network.