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What it involves

Think of a position within the Committee as a consultant role to Hult and the Alumni Association, strategic planning and positioning without going into details of the day-to-day management of or final decision for the business or group.

You will be a key member in deciding the strategy and positioning the ongoing priorities, direction, and activities of the Alumni Association, with the input and feedback you gather from the community.
Working in partnership with multiple Hult stakeholders, including the entire alumni network, your goal will be to grow and strengthen participation among alumni members and the engagement of the association as a whole.
Former and prospective students at an Experience Hult event.
Former and prospective students at an Experience Hult event.

The committee will follow the same mission as the Alumni Association:

To create a lifelong, global, and sustainable community of alumni through interactive opportunities for relevant engagement in order to enhance awareness, pride, participation, employment, and volunteer commitment within the global Hult community.

Global Alumni chapters

Building community

Foster a deep sense of affiliation, loyalty, and pride among alumni, keeping alumni connected and engaged long-term

Improving communication

Improve communication between Hult, our alumni groups, and individual alumni, particularly in terms of reach and awareness

Creating stronger networks

Create stronger networks, both online and within groups, to strengthen the membership and activities of those groups

Developing services & benefits

Develop relevant, valued alumni services and benefits to enhance the alumni experience

Supporting students

Work with alumni to support student recruitment, enrich student life on campus, and assist career services and placements

Increasing volunteers

Increase the alumni volunteer base while developing and supporting each volunteer

Welcome to the Hult Alumni Committee

The Hult Alumni Committee is a group of alumni who are passionate about Hult and would like to volunteer their time, experience, and expertise in building a stronger Alumni network.

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