Written by Vaibhav Rustagi Head of Global Alumni and EU Employer Relations team at Hult. 

Since the launch of the #HultHiresHult Instagram campaign last month, we are overwhelmed to see the responses we have received. We are already at 143 followers comprising of an amazing cross program and cross year mix of alumni, current students and employers. We have successfully hosted 9 events across our London UG and PG campuses representing of a wide mix of industries.

For the events we have had Hult alumni take the time out of their schedule to come and speak to students not only about the companies they work at, but also advise and give tips on the application process. They share insights on industries, hiring trends and help with referrals to positions. They also talk about the culture and an insight into the life students should expect.

#HultHiresHult Events we have hosted this month  


A Hult alum who works at Gartner came with a senior partner and with one of their on-campus recruiters. This event allowed students get an insight into what Gartner does and the positions they can apply for within the organization. The HR team was able to take conversations offline and they welcomed applications from interested students.



An alumna visited the London campus along with members of her team came to speak about the culture and the graduate schemes which our students can apply to.


Graduate Q&A Panel

We also hosted a graduate panel with alumni advising on career choices within the different industries and how to best work towards the grad scheme applications as the deadlines approach. There were also a debate on self-positioning and branding, as well as a talk on standing out among the numerous applications people get with specific insight into what to expect through the whole process.


During this career development session, a representative from Nomura came along with 10 other colleagues from the financial institution to speak to students at our undergraduate campus about the benefits of networking

Michaelpage, thepie, ablrecruitment 

Featured on a head hunter’s panel advising MBA and EMBA students about the etiquette of working with recruitment agencies. There was a healthy discussion on best practices, the perspective from both client and sell side and also an education that most professionals would benefit from.


Held a focus group with our entrepreneurial alumni and also with budding current student entrepreneurs. This was a healthy exchange of ideas on what works and how to move forward in the start-up world and connected Hult students with Virgin executives.

Are you a Hult alumni?

We have been receiving emails from alumni who want to engage with the school and help students secure positions at their companies, and who also want to give back to the school. We have events scheduled for the rest of the year and are seeking active participation from alumni, January onwards. If you are interested in contributing email me: vaibhav.rustagi@hult.edu.

You can also follow #HultHiresHult and tag any events that you attend at Hult, any people you refer and also any introductions you make as alumni.

We look forward to hearing from you. #hultalumni #hultalumniassociation #hulthireshult.

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