Hult Executive MBA alumnus Mohammed Al Husary, from the Class of 2015, founded his own aviation company at the age of 20 – UAS International Trip Support. Today, UAS is an industry leader with a global presence across over 30 locations and multiple continents and Mohammed has received numerous awards, including a Lifetime Achievement award and a 40 Under 40 recognition. Here, Mohammed shares his key learnings from 20 years in the industry.



  1. Recognize that the sky doesn’t have to be the limit!

Do you see infinite possibilities? The belief that nothing is impossible is a key element of the entrepreneurial mindset regardless of your industry, location, or the times you live in. That, and self-belief. Two decades in the business has shown me that being disruptive and becoming resilient is crucial to the success of any entrepreneur. This is why the leadership development program on the Hult Executive MBA so strongly emphasizes achieving a growth mindset. Once you pair your ambition and your belief with self-awareness and resilience, nothing can stand in your way.



  1. Dare to become a disruptive force

The most important aspect of an entrepreneurial mindset is the passion and determination to push past any obstacles in your path to see your vision come alive.  Establishing a company in a highly competitive and dynamic industry can be a stressful experience. But by having a clear purpose, you’ll be able to stay motivated and determined to succeed. Great things can be achieved with hard work and vision. In times of international financial uncertainty, UAS has continued to achieve steady growth. We’ve won numerous industry accolades and awards. The entrepreneurial atmosphere at Hult and the real-world challenges offer an invaluable opportunity to develop your business ideas – and fail – in a safe space.


Mohammed onboard UAS’s “Dream Jet,” the world’s first and only “VVIP outfitted” Boeing 787.



  1. Take on your industry and its challenges

Business aviation is arguably one of the most dynamic industries today. It’s not without its many challenges. Climate change spans all sectors of business and is something that aviators are taking extremely seriously. And then there are the aviation-specific concerns, such as global conflict zones creating troubled skies and growing congestion at popular international airports. These are all issues our community is actively exploring solutions for. As a board member of the Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA,) I’m committed to highlighting these kinds of issues and advocating to benefit the industry.


As the aviation industry continues to grow, these challenges will continue to require more sustainable and longer-term solutions. At UAS, we’re doing our best to deliver these solutions: first, by becoming a one-stop-shop for all the different aviation services and support services imaginable, anywhere on the planet. For the more established aviation regions of the world, this means delivering more efficiency. For emerging regions, it means simplifying operations across dynamic landscapes. We’re also leading by example with our standards and ethics and through our varied CSR activities.



  1. Embrace technology

Anyone looking to succeed in business today needs an understanding of the risks and rewards posed by emerging technology. In 2016, UAS began creating its own technology to revolutionize traditional industry procedures and enhance customer experience. We committed to being at the forefront of business aviation technology development by investing in our own suite of technology solutions. Today, the UAS Evolution® suite is transforming aviation. Through connectivity and advanced communications, we’re bringing all elements of trip planning together to create a more operationally efficient sector. The Executive MBA program at Hult aims to produce executive graduates who are ready to embrace the future. Through electives in disruptive technology such as IoT, Robotics, AI, and Blockchain and courses that instill a “future mindset,” such as Disruptive Futures and Scenario Planning, you’ll come to see technological advances as opportunities and understand how to position yourself in a shifting digital landscape.


“Being disruptive and becoming resilient is crucial to the success of any entrepreneur,” says Mohammed.


5. Celebrate your successes

Always take the time to reflect on your achievements. Being recognized by your industry peers as an expert in your field is a fantastic way to reenergize you toward your goal. Last year, I was incredibly proud to be named on the National Business Aviation Association of the United States’ Top 40 Under 40 for my leadership and business management at the helm of UAS. With commitment, dedication, and the right guidance, you really can make a huge difference in your industry. Another honor that meant a lot to me was receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award last year from the Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Awards. I’ve always had a genuine passion for my industry. And UAS’s contribution to the business aviation community adds value to the sector and inspires others to follow suit. The award was as much a reflection of that as it was on me personally.


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