Written by Elizabeth Carey, Global Ambassador and Master in International Business Class of 2018.

My name is Elizabeth. I’m 22 years old and I’m from West Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Now, I don’t expect many of you to know where Connecticut is, but I think it’s interesting to see just how diverse I have become over the years and even more so through Hult. There is something very special about our global generation and how we interact and connect with the following three subjects:

1. Language

“Everyone at Hult is connecting through new languages.”

I think this is something that everyone must understand one way or another. I know that many students who come to Hult are from countries where English is not their first language, and that is perfectly okay. I will tell you a secret: everyone at Hult is connecting through new languages. It may not be English, but we are learning each other’s languages every time we communicate. Bonjour, comment ça va? (Hello, how are you?); Nǐ hǎo, wǒ jiào Liz (Hello, my name is Liz) are a few simple phrases I know and like to use to communicate with my classmates. Each time I start to speak, I am met with excitement and happiness. “Your accent is so good,” some will say. Or, “Wow, where did you learn that? It’s so cool you know it!” We all get excited about someone knowing something that connects with our individual cultures. Everywhere you go on campus someone will know the same language you do, which makes the communication experience richer and helps you to connect even more with our global generation.

2. Small World

Looking back at my personal history, I have traveled a lot. I never really thought about it too much, until I start to tell people where I have been and who I have known in my short 22 years of life. When people ask where I’ve been, I start listing off the places and the interesting people I know and it’s really quite diverse. For many others, this is their first time in the US and they don’t know what to expect.

Bringing our diverse stories and insights to Hult is what expands our horizons even further.

I was talking to a student from a different country who lived in a very small village and he told me that when he traveled to a new country it was the first time he had ever seen someone who didn’t look like him. He then asked me what it was like to live in America. I told him how my elementary school was so diverse, and that I had three best friends who were (respectively): half Filipino and Nigerian, Kenyan, and Chinese. He was so surprised at how diverse my town was and how at just a young age I was friends with people from all over the world. It made me realize just how global our generation is becoming. Bringing our diverse stories and insights to Hult is what expands our horizons even further.

3. Working it Out

I know plenty of students just like myself who have been struggling with classes, whether it be the workload or the subject. Personally, I find that my group is very diverse in not just our ethnicities, but also in our work experiences and education. My team for the year, for example, consists of two accountants, one civil engineer, two business administration students, and one business management student. We all have work experience in different fields such as agriculture, technologies, and transportation to name a few, but what we can all agree on is working together is something that can bring us closer and make us stronger. Although we have these differences in the ways we learn versus who we are as people, we are still able to make a team and complete tasks that are sometimes so intricate you need a fresh set of eyes to see what you missed.

“What we can all agree on is working together is something that can bring us closer and make us stronger”.

Teamwork is something the global generation prides itself on; it is the act of working together with people from all over the world that makes us at Hult a truly connected and unique community.

If you want to see more stories of students going through these experiences, check out Hult’s Global Generation page.

Elizabeth “Liz” Carey is an MIB student at the Hult Boston campus. She previously worked for Hult as an academic intern and has experience in educational marketing. Elizabeth, outside of Hult, is a Girl Scout for life who enjoys board games and anime. She also likes to travel and bake many different cakes and bread. Follow Liz’s Hult experience through her Instagram.

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