Written by Navdeep Singh Sethi, Global Ambassador and Masters in International Business student.

Before coming to Hult, I always thought my journey would mostly be about going to school, getting to know different cultures, and meeting new people. I soon learned that there is also a huge learning culture at Hult.

Learning culture

By using the term ‘learning culture’, I mean constantly learning from both the school and the people around me. At Hult, students believe in helping one another in learning and growing together. Seeing as we all come from different parts of the world, we have different educational backgrounds, learning methodologies, strengths, and weaknesses.


“One thing that I’ve learned so far in my life is that if you have the skill or knowledge, you should share it.”

With regards to my own learning journey, I have always felt comfortable with the subject of accounting, but find business research particularly difficult because it’s a totally new subject for me. I completed my Bachelors in Commerce from the School of Open Learning, Delhi University in India but never studied business research. Similarly, other students at Hult were comfortable in one subject but needed assistance with another. Economics is another subject in which I scored poorly during my undergraduate degree. I always looked for a friend to help me understand difficult economic concepts. One thing that I’ve learned so far in my life is that if you have the skill or knowledge, you should share it. It also works the other way – if you need help, ask for it.

Peer to peer learning

There is a famous saying by Robert Half: “When one teaches, two learn”. When we teach our friends, we not only help them, but we help ourselves. We unknowingly revise the same concept again and again and achieve perfection gradually.

Hult students have a growth mindset, and everyone here believes in sharing their strengths with others. Recently, I created a Peer to Peer Learning Program at the Hult London campus and managed to bring together those students who needed assistance in accounting, and those who are willing to invest their time to help friends with various concepts and doubts.

Helping others helps ourselves

We had a few sessions before our accounting midterm exam which were very helpful. I volunteered to help students with accounting in one session and it helped me as well. I was thoroughly prepared for my exam, and the feeling of helping others was invaluable and gratifying.

With such programs, Hult students are focused on making an impact on this culture of learning from one another. So far, my journey at Hult has been amazing and I feel honored to study in such an environment. Hult is my family away from home, and I strongly believe that “A family that learns together, grows together and will always stay together.”

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Navdeep Singh SethiNavdeep Singh Sethi is a Hult Masters Student and Global Ambassador at Hult London Campus. Apart from studying, he loves playing cricket, meeting new people, trying different cuisines, helping others and exchanging knowledge. 

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