It would be easy to conclude that the closure of Michigan State, Southern Queensland University and Dubai Aerospace Enterprise University over the past few years is because Dubai is an unattractive location in which to study. However, this is incorrect. Demand for education in the region is growing and many institutions are thriving.

Ranked as the 6th best school in the world for international business by the Financial Times, Hult International Business School is growing at more than 150% per annum. This September, the School will enroll over 300 students after being open for just two years. Furthermore, more established schools such as Herriot Watt and Middlesex University have over 1300 students each.

Dubai is developing a global reputation for its business education. With the recovery well under way in the UAE, there is significant interest in business education. Dr Stephen Hodges, President of Hult stated, “we are seeing very strong demand and are expanding our range of programs.” He attributed this impressive growth to the relatively good employment prospects in the region, “83% of our last graduating class found a job before or immediately after graduation.”

While many of the more negative commentators refer to Dubai’s property sector, they fail to look at such successful sectors as aviation, retail and hospitality, evidenced by Dubai Airports recently announcing month-on-month growth exceeding 10%.

Accordingly, the universities that are thriving are those that have not relied on a reputation that has been earned elsewhere. Dr Hodges commented “we have established ourselves as the leading business school in Dubai by working really hard to build great corporate relationships and to ensure that students have as good an educational experience as they do in the United States.”

About Hult International Business School:

Hult International Business School is the first global business school with operations in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai. The School offers a range of business-focused programs including MBA, Masters and Undergraduate degrees. Hult is ranked 44th in the world by the Economist, and 6th for International Business by the Financial Times. The School is a fully accredited member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges which also accredits Harvard and MIT and the Association of MBAs.

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