Hult knows the importance of lifelong learning in today’s dynamic global workplace. That’s why we offer one free elective every year – for life – to all Hult alumni as part of our commitment to providing our graduates with the world’s most relevant business skills. But why is lifelong learning so important? Today marks the start of the UK Festival of Learning’s “Have a go” month. And with that in mind, there’s no better time for Hult’s Chief Academic Officer Dr. Johan Roos to explain why we should all be keeping ourselves relevant if we want to maintain our competitive edge in the global marketplace.


Lifelong learning: Future-proofing your career

It used to be that a university degree certified that you had enough knowledge to last a lifetime.
Now the new normal requires continuous lifelong learning—including knowledge of things you may never have studied. Fortunately, this knowledge is obtainable; but how it’s delivered is changing the education landscape.


Traditional education is falling short

Employers constantly complain that the traditional university education no longer meets their needs. Knowledge can no longer be the main emphasis of an education when much of what is taught quickly becomes redundant. Instead, graduates need the ability to quickly think, learn, and adapt.

“The game is changing and a new normal is emerging that will challenge the status quo of universities.”

Technology is changing faster than we can teach

Technology is making the world increasingly efficient, complex, and prone to sudden change. Whatever
was learned at university lags behind technology’s exponential developments. Who can keep abreast with advances in data analytics, blockchain, and nanotechnology, not to mention fintech, auto-tech, med-tech, and the-rest-tech? Graduates have to keep identifying and filling their “skills gaps” to
remain relevant.

Hult is relentlessly focused on keeping your skills relevant

Hult ensures the relevancy of its education by updating its curricula annually. We want to make certain that we are covering the skills and knowledge demanded by employers today. This relentless focus on the skills needed by employers puts Hult on the cutting edge of education.

However, even this is not enough. No school can predict what the future will hold. That is why we
offer all our graduates the ability to take one free elective per year for life: so all alumni can take advantage of these curricula updates and continue their lifelong learning journey.

Nick Iverson from FVP Canada, the largest drone racing league in Canada – visits the Hult Boston campus to talk drones and their implications for the future of business.

Tools to support you throughout your career

We are dedicated to supporting our graduates throughout their business career. Not only are we committed to producing the tools they need to identify the skills required to progress and stay relevant, but also to using the latest technology to enable them to study whenever and wherever they would like. We have some exciting new innovations in this regard that we look forward to sharing soon.


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