As a Hult student, your education doesn’t end at graduation. To be a successful global professional in a climate of constant business change, you’ll need to keep your skills sharp and always be open to opportunities for learning and development. And we’re here to help.

As a member of Hult’s Alumni Association, you’ll have access to a huge array of benefits and resources. One of those benefits is that, every year, you’re entitled to take an elective at any of Hult’s global campuses or rotation centers. So, you can keep yourself and your skillset relevant for the duration of your career—no matter the changes you make on your professional path.


Discover what Hult alumni have to say about the experience of Lifelong Learning on campus.


Bindu Joseph
Executive MBA Class of 2014

Hult Alumni Bindu J

“Hult’s Lifelong Learning option is a great opportunity for Hult alumni to keep upskilling. This summer, I decided to take Scenario Planning taught by Professor Olaf Groth. I was looking for an elective that revolved around strategy and this fitted the description.

‘WOW’ is probably the simplest way that I could explain my experience. Professor Groth was so involved and passionate about the subject matter that it was hard not to be inspired. Of all the courses taken to date at Hult, this would be in my top three.”

“Hult’s Lifelong Learning option is a great opportunity for alumni to keep upskilling. ‘WOW’ is probably the simplest way that I could explain my experience.”


Husam Hijjawi
Masters in International Business Class of 2015

Hult Alumni Husman H

“I’d like to thank Hult for this great opportunity to stay up-to-date and meet great people, continuously emphasizing that learning is a lifelong journey that doesn’t simply end at graduation.

After doing my Masters in International Business in Boston and working in sales for a year and a half in Palestine, I decided to take the Brand Strategic Management course at the Shanghai campus. I wanted to thoroughly understand the process of building and maintaining a brand and keeping consumers engaged.

I had a memorable experience and also discovered a great city. I would recommend these electives to every alum.”



Ricardo Sarmiento
MBA Class of 2014

Hult Alumni Ricardo“I graduated from a full-time MBA on the Dubai Campus in 2014, and I’ve taken two electives so far. One was Data Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making, where we learned how to use a powerful tool like Tableau for data visualization. The other was Solutions Marketing: a new way of doing marketing for a digital world. Digital is a very complex vertical that will continue to grow and evolve.

Lifelong Learning has given me the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and tools in the market and be one step ahead of the curve.”




Shelly Heaven
Executive MBA Class of 2015

Hult Alumni Shelly H

“I chose Return Driven Strategy, because it was a highly recommended course. I also saw it as a course that would be immediately applicable and highly beneficial in my current business.

It was my first time visiting the New York campus and my first course since finishing my EMBA. The best part was being able to experience all that Hult had to offer without the pressure of assignments and graded work. It felt like a reward truly deserved after two years of hard work to complete the Executive MBA.”

“The best part was being able to experience all that Hult had to offer without the pressure of assignments and graded work.”


Cesar Eduardo Rubio
Bachelor of Business Administration Class of 2014

Hult Alumni Cesar

“I was looking forward to taking an alumni elective course. I think it’s a great opportunity to keep learning, get to know the atmosphere on the different campuses, and do networking.

I took International Negotiations, since it was a course I didn’t previously take and seemed to be an important tool for my career. The class was amazing. The professor one of the best I ever had, and the group was as internationally diverse as my previous Hult experiences.”





Learn more about available electives and how to register here. 

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