There are 21 million people in slavery around the world today. And they’re likely a lot closer to you than you think.

Hult Associate Professor and Director for Business and Sustainability, Matt Gitsham discusses the myths and truths regarding modern slavery, and the responsibilities businesses have to ensure that no part of their supply chain is involved in human trafficking, forced labor, or bonded labor.

By tracking supply chains, creating clear and accurate systems, working with unconventional partners to combat unethical work practices, and calling for government action, companies can have a direct impact on the fight against modern slavery.


“Modern slavery doesn’t just happen in faraway places. Wherever you are, the chances are that there is someone trapped in slave labor conditions right under your nose.”

Matt Gitsham, Hult Associate Professor and Director for Business and Sustainability

Matt’s talk was part of the wider TEDxHultAshridge event, all around the theme of provoking change.


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