(LONDON – June 6, 2012) Byungdoo Sohn – who has held several high-profile private and public sector roles since graduating from Hult in 1985 – was awarded the title by Hult’s Alumni Association, which aims to recognize outstanding achievements among former students.

Sohn, now Chairman of Korean Broadcasting System, began his career working for the electronics giant Samsung. After studying at Hult’s campus in Boston, he quickly took on a series of roles facilitating the development between the private sector and the South Korean government. By 1997, when the Asian financial crisis hit, Sohn was at the head of a committee tasked with controlling debt and making South Korean companies more competitive. He is now widely respected for his role in implementing reforms and helping to solve the country’s financial problems. His merits earned him the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service, and an honorary Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Kyunghee.

Sohn devised the plan that met the IMF’s reformation requirements and ultimately strengthened South Korea’s financial position by encouraging large and small businesses to develop symbiotically. “One of my strategies was to engage large corporations to provide financial support to small businesses,” said Sohn. “I also backed training programs that would help small businesses produce higher quality products.”

Sohn was also instrumental in re-establishing diplomatic ties between South Korea and Taiwan, inspired by his long-time friendship with fellow Taiwanese alumnus. “I was in my forties when I left Korea to pursue an MBA degree, and I felt like I was reborn afterwards. It gave me an opportunity to gain a broader perspective of the world. By integrating theory with work-based experiences, I was able to develop problem-solving skills to become a specialist in resolving conflicts and settling disputes. Without my MBA, I would not have had the chance to carry out such fulfilling and honorable responsibilities,” said Sohn.

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