Hult International Business school has formed an alliance with Havas Worldwide on an ambitious project that focuses on the future of content. MBA students from the London, Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai and Dubai campuses will work intensively on a six-week project – the Hult Action Project – with the London agency’s management team.

The ambitious initiative is intended to explore the current content marketing environment and assess where the market is going. The agency and the students will also seek to assess story-telling of the future by collaborating with Havas London’s content arm, which combines its PR, editorial, social and film divisions. It extends across a range of projects for Havas London’s clients including: Evian, Badoit, Credit Suisse, Unilever, Ella’s Kitchen, loveflutter, Pernod Ricard and Mothercare.

The project will result in a number of well-defined innovation concepts exploring the economics of content, how to scale content and how the best storytelling techniques can help build influence, trust and authority. Implementation plans will be centred on enhancing the Havas content marketing capabilities, such as deployment of content for documentaries, animation, short films, small scale ads and online films.

Russ Lidstone CEO, Havas Worldwide London said: “The agency has been helping businesses realise that to create long term value you have to engage an audience with great content. And what better way to dive deep into the concept of content than collaborating with an academic institution to define what content of the future would look like. This project in partnership with the future consumers, content creators and collaborators of tomorrow aims to maximise that opportunity. Partnering with Hult, a forward thinking international business school with such diversity and track record, is a great fit for us.”

Rebecca Churchill, Executive Director for Hult London said: “This is a very exciting opportunity for our students and will lead to some provocative and insightful content for Havas Worldwide. The Action Projects are just one example of how Hult takes a different approach to learning. These consulting opportunities test our students in the workplace and will prepare them to be job ready. It will also be a great differentiator on their CV’s.”

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