Our global faculty hail from over 45 countries and are passionate about sharing their business expertise. Join us for a closer look at each of the 2017 “Professor of the Year” award winners—as voted for by our students—and see how these accomplished individuals have come to define our distinctly different approach to business education.

Undergraduate program—General Education (including Economics)

The Professor of the Year Award for our Undergraduate program, General Education category (including core Economics classes), was awarded to Professor Andrew Wright. Andrew teaches on Hult’s London Undergraduate campus and specializes in international political economy, development, and the political economy of war. He has an MSc in Sociology from London School of Economics and Political Science and has also taught at the School of African and Oriental Studies, Birkbeck College, and the University of Notre Dame.

Professor Andrew Wright has taught at Hult since 2003.

Hi Andrew and congratulations on the teaching award. How would you describe your subject matter?

I feel it’s crucial that business students today develop a sensitivity to wider social issues and can contribute as “citizens of the world” as well as in the workplace. My background is in political economy and sociology, and it is this broader knowledge and using it in the context of business that I consider my expertise. I encourage my students to develop a “political-economy” analysis of the wider world in which they will practice business. I stress how important it is to understand this wider environment, not only because it has a huge impact on business practice but because young people ought to have an intelligent grasp of the wider world, whatever career they go into.

“I feel it’s crucial that business students today develop a sensitivity to wider social issues and can contribute as ‘citizens of the world’ as well as in the workplace.”


What motivates you in the classroom?

I strive to make sure that I serve not only the students who find they like and do well in my subjects—but I judge myself on how well I can help those who struggle and make the effort to improve. I hope that, wherever students stand on this spectrum, they come out of my classes with greater ability, knowledge, and self-respect. I know students are very concerned about their grades, but in their future life, this sort of “value-added” and personal growth will ultimately serve them better than any grade.

And how do you implement this?

My lessons and courses are designed to mix up theory learning and testing with plenty of opportunities for students to focus on real-world case studies, and to think for themselves and develop their independent analytical ability and knowledge. This includes developing their ability to debate and disagree with their peers—and their professor!


More about Andrew

Courses Andrew teaches at Hult

Business and the World Economy
America and the World
Development Economics



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