Written by Paula Cevallos, Global Ambassador and Hult Undergraduate student, San Francisco.

Essays, projects, deadlines, and group activities are all things that most students have to find time for. We’ve all been there and I know how stressful it can be. For some of us, we try to reduce the amount of stress by doing these activities in a relaxing environment, perhaps in a nice coffee shop. If you’re like me and you prefer to avoid the generic coffee chains, and instead look for places that have a little something special, then San Francisco is the right city for you. The streets are filled with different shops that suit every style and taste. I have tried and tested various different coffee shops in the past couple of years, but today I will be talking about one of my favorite: ‘Lotta’s Bakery’, a delicious bakery/coffee shop in Nob Hill, San Francisco.


“I find that studying in a fun and unique environment inspires me.”

‘Lotta’s Bakery’ is a bakery and cafe that offers an array of delicious treats – from pies, cookies and bread to home-made coffee. But what makes this place so special is that it is also an Antiques Store. While you wait around for your coffee to brew or for your pastries to be warmed, you can walk around the store taking a look at its unique vintage items. Earl Darny, the owner of the store, is generally always there to answer any questions you may have which gives the place a very familiar feel. Although the store is small in size, it’ s surprisingly easy to find a place to sit, eat, and work on your essays. In my experience, it is also great for group activities. When my group and I work there, we are fascinated by the different vintage pieces. They inspire us and give us a topic to talk about, which results in some great ideas for our project.

Juggling school demands with leisure activities can be quite challenging, but it is definitely possible. I find that studying in a fun and unique environment inspires me, and also gives me the chance to explore the hidden gems of this unique and wonderful city. I would highly encourage you to do the same – what more efficient way is there to get to know San Francisco than to discover new spots while staying on top of your studying? Multi-tasking as its best!

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Paula Cevallos is an undergraduate student majoring in Marketing at the Hult San Francisco campus. She’s passionate about travel and outdoor activities. Outside of the classroom, she’s an active member of Hult San Francisco Toastmasters Club, Fashion & Business Club, Hult SAS Big Brother Club, and Hult Running Club. She’s also a Hult Global Ambassador.

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