Written by Global Ambassador, Maria Victoria Suncar, Marketing major student in the Hult Undergraduate program, London Campus.

Management 101: No one likes change. That did not stop me from wanting to do more than just business. I wanted to change at any cost.

Pursuing a business degree only came naturally to me after five years and 20+ MUN conferences when I was in high school. Something about how the world works and who runs it sparked an interest in me. But I knew that there was more to international relations; international business stood behind it.

Each course I took as part of the Hult curriculum would give me ideas on what I wanted to do next. Things like setting up my own business, climbing the corporate ladder, and going to law school were my top follow-up moves. As a first – then second year student, there were many pieces of the puzzle missing, I had yet more to discover, and much more to experience. While taking one of the core courses in Marketing, I found myself immersed in the world of consumer behavior and market research. Many speakers, networking events, and books later, I realized that perhaps my path would be different from my initial thought. I was destined to study behavioral science at a graduate level.

The next logical step was to look at the course catalog and see which subjects – that were inside my spectrum of new-found interests, were available at Hult. Behavioral Finance and Neuromarketing courses were pivotal in making sure that I have more than a passion for the subject, but also the necessary skills. Attending related events around London was also important as it gave me the opportunity to mingle with people in the field. Before I could blink, I had landed an internship working with behavioral science and business and had gained a scholarship for a behavioral summer school in a renowned British university.

Here are my four main takeaways from pursuing an undergraduate business degree with a twist:

  1. There is business everywhere. Today many business ventures are limited to apps and SaaS (software as a service), but that does not mean there aren’t other great industries waiting to be exploited. Finding time to explore beyond business while learning business is a priceless opportunity. Any interest you might have in the past has potentially a business aspect to it.
  1. General but not too general. The choice between five majors gives you plenty of room to work with. A business degree is a perfect mix between general subjects that can be studied at a deeper level or highly specified ones. Marketing, for instance, is in fact, a science as it has a lot of psychology attached to it. This allowed me to make a cohesive next step in my career path.
  1. Location, location, location. We are shaped by our environment, so it is important for you to choose the right location for you and what you wish to accomplish. If you change your mind rotation is right around the corner. A city that resonates with you at a certain level will give you confidence and control over certain aspects of your academic life.
  1. Some doors must be opened. There are certain opportunities – as in other aspects of life, that require more energy to make them happen. Some of them won’t be near-sighted, but you must look for them, and make sure they happen.

As graduation peeks through the door, and I reach the finish line, life after an undergraduate degree in business is exciting. Not only have I chosen, what some would call an exotic and academic path that seems to be far away from a business degree, but I have chosen business as the foundation that can translate into many other subjects. There is business everywhere, even where you least expect it. Sometimes we have to dig deeper, look further, and even beyond ourselves.

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Maria Victoria Suncar is a Marketing major student from the Dominican Republic. Her dream is to work as a behavioral scientist, either on policy making or experimental economics. On a normal day, you fill find her at a bookstore or attending events all over London.

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