On Wednesday, April 18th, Hult International Business School in Boston welcomed Sean M. Coughlin, Esq., of Lathrop and Gage, LLP for the sixth lecture in their World of Ideas lecture series.  Presenting on “Current Trends in United States Patents and Intellectual Property,” Couglin highlighted new product development, entrepreneurship, new business v enturing, start-ups and growth and business execution.

Mr. Coughlin has advised clients and prepared and prosecuted patent applications, domestic and foreign, primarily in the life sciences (i.e. biochemistry, stem cells, etc.). He also advises clients on issues relating to patent portfolio management and licensing as well as freedom-to-operate, validity, infringement, and patentability opinions. Prior to joining Lathrop & Gage, he worked for an international intellectual property law firm located in California.

Students who had been following the smartphone patent wars, the SOPA and PIPA debates in the US, the progress of the ACTA treaty in the EU, as well as the ongoing intellectual property reforms in the UK came with questions for Mr. Coughlin. “These definitions and restrictions are rapidly changing and fiercely debated—this was a great opportunity to learn about the latest from those directly involved!” said Katherine Stebbins McCaffrey, Dean.

The next lecture is scheduled for Thursday, May 17th, when Hult Boston welcomes Eric Lowitt, Corporate Sustainability and Competitive Strategy Consultant.

Photo credit: Dustin Holmes

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