Diversity and a global perspective are fundamental aspects of our identity at Hult. Professor Uma Gunasilan shares the benefits of learning in a global classroom and how we equip our students with the knowledge to excel in an ever-changing international business environment. 

How did your own global experience contribute to your personal and professional growth?  

U: I’ve worked in seven countries across Malaysia, the Middle East, Australasia, Europe, and Canada. Experiencing such diversity of viewpoints, cultures, and perspectives gives you a deeper understanding of the world, its complexities, and the varied approaches different cultures and societies adopt when problem-solving.  

What are the benefits for students being in a classroom with a diverse student body? 

U: Being able to communicate effectively across cultures helps build connections with people from all backgrounds. It’s a priceless tool for engaging with people from around the world. Not to mention for personal and professional growth too. 

Please describe the Hult classroom in terms of the diversity of the student body and how it will help students get out there into the global workplace? 

Um: Hult students can get that truly global exposure straight from the classroom. They quickly understand the importance of adopting a growth mindset. Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow. Once you see how many ways there are to approach a problem, or view a challenge, you start to see the world differently. This mindset gives our students a powerful tool that improves their empathy. They get out into the real world with the skills and understanding to change it for the better.