With graduation approaching, two thoughts are on the minds of most Hult students. First, “How did this year pass so fast?” And second, “What am I going to do now?”

It’s the feelings inspired by that second question that brings me to what I’m writing right now. Speaking from the perspective of a Hult student from the Boston campus, it’s possible to categorize my fellow classmates into three different groups:

  • The ones who are going to pursue a dual degree (and therefore have more six months to answer this question!)
  • The ones who have already decided to go back to their home country.
  • And finally, the ones hoping to pursue an international opportunity, like starting their own business or finding a job in the U.S.

Before I decided to quit my job in Brazil and come to Hult, finding a new job after graduation was one of my biggest concerns. One thing that helped me during this process was talking with former students and learning from their experience.

The truth is, nothing is guaranteed. But knowing that others have been through the same process and succeeded makes it feel more achievable.


“You don’t need to be fearless to take massive risks, just courageous.”

Alex Banayan, Author and Keynote Speaker

The last few months have been a real roller-coaster of emotions for me. And with graduation approaching, it’s natural that the pressure of finding a job is increasing. After a few interviews and no offers, it’s easy to feel down sometimes.

To make sure these moments don’t stop you on your search, here are some tips that I’ve personally found helpful during this journey:

1. Take this time to really get to know what motivates you

Job searching is a time-consuming task and it can be hard to manage your time between classes and applications. And in the U.S., this process may include more networking, cover-letter writing, and a higher number of interviews than in your home country.

It will save you a lot of time if you really know what you’re looking for. Some of the things that helped me in this self-knowledge process were sessions with my Career Advisor, as well as Career Bootcamps throughout the year.

The earlier you narrow down your target jobs, the easier your search will be.

2. Don’t compare your journey with others

Some people are going to find jobs faster than you, but it doesn’t mean that they are better or luckier than you. Each person has their own journey and things are going to happen at a different time for everybody.

I know that it’s not easy, but trust the timing of your life.


“Some people are going to find jobs faster than you, but it doesn’t mean that they are better than you.”


3. Surround yourself with people that motivate you

Nobody likes to be rejected. And it’s easy to feel discouraged when it happens. In these moments, it’s important to have people around you who are going to motivate you and help you get back on track.

Identify the friends that you can count on, and don’t be afraid to share your feelings with them. Sometimes, you just need someone to remind you how far you’ve already come, and that giving up is not an option.

A good chat with a friend will help you to re-energize and keep you motivated on your search.

4. Think positive

Recently, I was hanging out with some friends and we were talking about the new season of Game of Thrones, which is going to be released in 2019.

One friend said, “I’m excited that I’ll be in San Francisco when it happens!”

It came out so naturally, that I got confused for a moment. She doesn’t have a job offer or anything concrete that guarantees that she is going to be in San Francisco next year. But she is so sure that it’s what she wants and that she is going to make it happen that it’s already a fact in her mind.

Whether you believe in the “Law of Attraction” or not, that situation made me think about how powerful our mind can be. It made me remember my own situation before coming to Hult. In March of 2017, I turned down an invitation from my friends for an event in October, arguing that I would be out of the country at that time.

The only problem was, at that point, I didn’t know anything about Hult and studying abroad was just a desire. And of course, you already know how that story unfolded.



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