Hult International Business School concluded its inaugural four-city Asian lecture tour focused on “the Next Global Growth Story” with students and professionals in the region gathering to hear two Hult professors speak on innovation and strategy.

“There’s a need for truly global leaders, as geography becomes less of a barrier in today’s interconnected business world,” says Dr. Hitendra Patel, who teaches innovation and strategy at Hult. “Asia is the next center of that world and, without a doubt, Asia wants to be prepared.”

Dr. Patel and Joel Litman, a Hult professor of global strategic valuation, a Hult professor of global strategic valuation, conducted seminars in Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, and Beijing to discuss how innovation and strategic management could help maximize success in an economic recovery.

Groups of professionals, prospective Hult graduate students, and Hult alumni in Asia attended the lectures, which touched on the importance of gathering practical information so the resulting analysis could help CEOs create modern, innovative business strategies.

“The concept of being extremely practical is something that we focus on at Hult” says Professor Litman. “Business leaders need to maintain outlooks that apply to the issues at hand.”

Dr. Patel is a highly respected and experienced management consultant, and is currently Managing Director of the Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership (IXL), a global training institute for companies and individuals. He has also written numerous books on innovation. Professor Litman is the Board Chairman of The Institute of Strategy and Valuation and co-authored the highly-acclaimed book DRIVEN: Business Strategy, Human Actions, and the Creation of Wealth.

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