Members of The Food Club at Hult Dubai combined business with pleasure when they visited the Dubai factory of BMB Group – a leading luxury chocolate manufacturer in the Middle East. The visit was arranged by Hult Executive MBA student, Mohamad Khachab, who is Managing Partner at BMB.

Hult Dubai students at BMB Group's factory
Hult Dubai’s Food Club members with BMB Group Managing Partner and Hult EMBA student, Mohamad Khachab.

Mohamad joined BMB Group in 2010 to pave the way to expanding the business in the region and worldwide. As well as pursuing his EMBA part-time at Hult, Mohamad co- leads BMB’s Private Label Division, which represents key customers in chocolate and oriental sweets worldwide.

BMB Groups's Dubai factory
BMB are one of the Middle East’s leading confectionary suppliers with factories in Dubai, Qatar, Libya, and Saudi Arabia

The Food Club was on the factory floor to see what goes into the production side of the business and even try their hand at making the chocolate. They met with Mohamad and his team to learn about the company’s mission and vision that has seen BMB grow from their flagship factory in Dubai, to having multiple branches in Qatar, Libya, and Saudi Arabia, and their ambitions to take the business global.

Hult Dubai students making chocolate
Hult Dubai students get hands on in the manufacturing process at the BMB factory

Excursions like this typify the Hult community spirit where passions and professions overlap and are shared both in and outside of class. As a memento of their visit, the students were given customized chocolates, made in a Hult mould. Confection perfection.

Hult chocolate
BMB Group gifted The Food Club chocolates with the Hult logo

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