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Being a Hult Ambassador: 5 frequently asked questions

Being a Hult Ambassador: 5 frequently asked questions

Hult is a unique business school because of its diverse student body and international campuses. I think it’s amazing that my best friends are from Brazil, India, France, and Ecuador—just to name a few countries. I’ve truly enjoyed this global experience and practical way of learning so far.

During my sophomore year I became a Hult Ambassador. Being an Ambassador allows me to share my experiences with both current and prospective students. There are questions that I often get asked about life at Hult, so I’ve answered the top five questions below. I hope what I’ve shared resonates with our study body and helps you!

Why did you choose Hult?

I’m a transfer student from Colgate University in Upstate New York. After taking a year off on medical leave, I decided to transfer to Hult’s San Francisco campus as a sophomore in the fall of 2017.

Like many other high schoolers, I thought I wanted the stereotypical American university where I could hangout with my roommate and friends at football games. But I soon realized I missed the smaller classroom environments that I was used to from high school. I also missed being able to walk around campus and know everyone to stop and say hello. I even missed becoming friends with my professors.


Chyna Probert
Prepared for the weather in San Francisco


I was definitely nervous when I transferred into Hult, but I knew I had to find a more diverse and welcoming environment to suit my academic and personal needs. Hult was the perfect option for me because I was old enough to know that I wanted the kind of empowering atmosphere it offers.


“Our class consists of students from over 15 countries and I’m learning and studying with individuals who will lead their country’s economies.”

What class is your favorite, and why?

I truly enjoy economic classes taught by Professor Don Uy-Barreta. He teaches macro- and micro-economics on a theory based application and how they apply to current articles found in the Wall Street Journal. Professor Uy-Barreta posts daily articles for us to read and comprehend in order to answer economic theory questions related to the events.

Our class consists of students from over 15 countries, so our professor is able to call on those students when their country is being discussed in the Wall Street Journal. This has really opened my mind because I get to learn first-hand from students whose parents are politicians or powerful business men in their home countries.

I’m learning and studying with individuals who will lead their country’s economies. It is an empowering feeling to be surrounded by entrepreneurs who have already started their own business or who will take over their family business in the near future.


Have you rotated campuses during the summer?

Yes! Last year I did a summer rotation to London, from May to August. I’m studied two courses a week for six weeks.

I loved my class called ‘Changemaking’ because we had a startup executive present her company to us and our assignment was to come up with and present our recommendations on how to expand her company. The student with the best plan was  selected to help the company. It was an amazing opportunity and I’m glad I was part of, and will definitely help me in the future.

I’m also fortunate enough to be able to live in a different country for the fourth time in my life.  It’s was quite an adventure touring London with my boyfriend (who is also a Hult student and is from Ecuador) and our friends. We visited the National Gallery, to see the Book of Mormon, tried caviar at Harrods, and went on a short trip to Scotland and Wales during our one-week break between courses. My life goal is to continue to keep on exploring new cultures, foods, languages, and places.


“If you put yourself out there and start networking early, then it will be easier in the future to use those connections to find an internship or job.”

What’s it like living in San Francisco?

Everyone knows San Francisco is the city where startups are born and bred. This means that our school events consist of key speakers from Facebook, Google, The North Face, and hundreds of other noteworthy, global companies. The Founder of North Face is actually a professor at the San Francisco campus who teaches a class on entrepreneurship. He’s also super friendly if you ever just want to have a chat with him.


San Francisco
The infamous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco


The opportunities here for internships, jobs, and networking events are endless. Hult even puts on an annual careers fair called the Career Connections Forum which is great for networking. This gives Hult students an upper hand when it comes to the job search, so make sure to go every year. If you put yourself out there and start networking early, then it will be easier in the future to use those connections to find an internship or job.

As for the city of San Francisco, it’s beautiful but a little on the expensive side. I’ve enjoyed going to wine country up in Napa, taking my boyfriend to his very first baseball game, and taking a road trip to Utah to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. I love to share my culture and American customs with others at Hult, especially showing people how to root for the Dodgers and Warriors!


Chyna Probert
Enjoying a baseball game


What advice would you give to future students?

My advice would be—find your passions and put all of your effort into making them achievable. Even if it doesn’t work out, the process will open your eyes to other possibilities and your path may change direction.


Arrows signifying going against the grain
“Your path may change direction.”


I put a lot of effort into my studies and thought that I loved marketing, but saw that I was better at finance which surprised me. So I took a leap of faith and took a finance major. It paid off because I’m now very interested in working for a Venture Capital. In my Leverage Buyouts and Venture Capitalist class, we had some influential guest speakers from the industry come and teach us firsthand case studies and give us their business cards to get in touch for future internships or jobs.

If you can take advantage of the resources that Hult gives you, you can definitely succeed and expand your network beyond belief.

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