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Hult Alumnus makes double-jump from Asia to America landing his dream job

Hult Alumnus makes double-jump from Asia to America landing his dream job

Written by Ram Sasidhar, Global Ambassador and MIB student, San Francisco Campus Class of 2017

After seven years of experience in Sales and Business Development in Thailand and Singapore, Arpit Choudary from India relocated to San Francisco, USA to pursue a One-Year Global MBA at Hult International Business School. Now he’s the Sales Development Manager at Pulsepoint, in San Francisco.

“A one-year program with a practical curriculum is what I was looking for and I found the exact program I wanted at Hult”, he says. “Hult is a perfect platform for students who are looking for a global approach, helpful professors, and a practical curriculum”.

Hult is a truly international business school with four global campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and rotation centers in New York and Shanghai. As of 2016, students come from 134 nationalities.

“I had a great academic experience. This one year just flew by and I had a lot of fun and collected some amazing memories all through my journey with friends from different countries”, he says. Arpit is one of the students at Hult who changed either country, industry or job role after graduation. Through a combination of his own ardent desire and Hult’s incredible career resources, Arpit managed to win his dream job.

What made you choose Hult for your MBA?
Even though I was born in India. I spent most of my career in Thailand and Singapore and traveled to over 30 countries for work. I wanted to change my location of work and move to the United States. I also wanted to change my field and get into Technology-based companies. I was looking for a one-year MBA with a practical curriculum. I wanted to join a business school with a global outlook. Hult offers a one-year MBA which fits all my requirements and thus, I chose Hult International Business school. San Francisco is the place for Technology and start-up culture. That is the reason why I opted for Hult San Francisco Campus for my MBA.

How was your experience at Hult?
My one year at Hult was an amazing experience for me. I had a lot of fun and got great friends from different cultures and backgrounds. Hult helped me to change my industry and location. The career resources at Hult is a great advantage. At the end of my graduation, I had four job offers from which I get to choose the best one. In short, Hult gave me everything I wanted and even more.

What is your most amazing experience at Hult?
There are many memorable experiences for me at Hult. Most important ones are my experience as a Hult Student Association (H.S.A.) representative, Hult business simulations, APICS case competition at Los Angeles, Hult Impact Challenge and Google Online Marketing Challenge.

How did Hult help you with applying for jobs?
Hult equipped us very well from the first day we arrived on campus. We had our own advisors who stressed the importance of the digital profile from the get-go. I also got a lot of help with my CV, Linkedin profile, and cover letter and even had one-on-one sessions. Finally, Hult’s academic courses provided a great base of knowledge for me when I was applying for jobs. When it came to the interviews, all those great tips and tricks I learned worked and materialized as job offers.

What advice would you have for current international MBA candidates?
Learn as much as you can from academics and from your peers, their culture, working style, tools they use etc. Try to get out of your comfort zone and do what you couldn’t/didn’t do earlier. Build your network both online and offline. Your network is everything when it comes to finding jobs. Start working on your career as soon as possible and make use of all the resources provided by the school in building your profile for job search.

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Ram is a Master of International Business student from India. He has a background in Business Development and Marketing with 3 years of experience in IT and E-Commerce industry. He co-founded a Think Tank based in India that worked with international and non-profit organizations in China, Europe and USA. Ram is passionate about traveling, script writing and watching films. Ram can be reached directly through his email. 

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