What does success mean to you? Salary? Respect? The impact you have on others? Whatever your measurement of material success, if you’re run down, burnt out, and unhappy, your success will mean very little.

Here at Hult, our students’ wellbeing is high on the agenda—and it’s not just us that think looking after your physical and emotional health is vital to your performance at work. Arianna Huffington once spoke to our students from Boston campus about redefining success. She shared her own experience of burnout, adding:

“If we only value money, we will never have enough. If we only value fame, recognition, and power, we will always feel lacking. There is now a movement of people that are reinventing work, reinventing capitalism, reinventing lives, and reinventing business. Hult is a part of that.”

Arianna Huffington in her address to Hult students in Boston

Here are some snaps from wellness events held at Hult campuses, which are worldwide every year:

The CEO of Etna introduced yoga to the office. It resulted in a 7% reduction of healthcare costs, and a 69-minute per day increase in productivity. Here are our students getting ready for their yoga class at the London campus.
It’s tempting to snack on junk and energy drinks when your schedule is hectic. Our campus staff make sure students have healthy snacks on hand during finals.

The link between wellbeing and performance at work is becoming an increasing area of academic interest. Over at Ashridge Executive Education for Hult, faculty members Megan Reitz, Michael Chaskalson, Sharon Olivier, and Lee Waller conducted the world’s first in-depth study into the effects of using mindfulness at work—the meditative practice that has been adopted by businesses including KPMG, Google, and GSK. Their research shows that the technique does have significant effects on some areas of performance. Download the full report here, or check out Megan’s blog for some quick tips: ‘5 ways to be more mindful at work‘.


Laura Chung is a staff blogger and Hult’s Global Head of Copy & Editorial. Previously a senior copywriter in PayPal’s Worldwide Creative Studio, she has also written and designed e-learning courses for many well-known brands including Microsoft, Redbull, KPMG, and BT. Laura believes passionately in the power of storytelling in both marketing and learning and indulges her love of stories by writing creatively in her spare time.

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