Written by Global Ambassador, Jussara Nunes, EMBA student, London, class of 2018

Before my realization it was time to earn my Executive MBA, I had already had two rewarding careers – one in the academic and one in the professional world. Previously I was happily following the path to be an academic researcher. I had moved from Brazil and completed 3 years of a PhD in France, a niche subject; the History of Photography in the 19th century. Despite some great successes in my academic career, the time came when I realized that my research wasn’t fully satisfying me and despite enjoying working in the world of business to initially to simply fund my research, now I knew I wanted to focus.

I decided to stop pursuing my academic path and focus on a professional career instead. I earned my Master’s degree in Communications in Digital Media, started working in a large corporation and experienced the exciting beginnings of the new digital era. Fast-forward to 12 years later and I’ve truly loved my career change from the academic world to the business world.

A personal and professional realization…

However, a couple of years ago I looked at myself and although I saw someone who had achieved a lot in her 15-years of working life, I knew I was far from retirement and still full of energy. I realized I wanted to learn something new, to discover more about myself, explore other professional options and compliment my existing business experience with new professional tools. Maybe create new possibilities. But I wasn’t going to find out by sitting in my living room. So going to business school started playing in my mind like one of these animated GIFs we see in social media. It didn’t take long for me to decide to go for it.

With the decision made to go to business school and earn my Executive MB, I next had to answer the question of; where should I go? There are plenty of business schools, one around almost every corner. I didn’t want to go just for the sake of going to a business school. I wanted more: to have a new experience, to be challenged with new business methods and thinking, to be asked to think out of the box and navigate through the business world of the future.

Choosing the right business school…

To help with my research, I found alumni were the best source of information. I first met alumni from 2-3 well-known business schools. They all talked about their schools, the courses offered and the professors who teach there. They all tried to demonstrate that their school is the best. They felt great going to their schools. What I heard made me realize I wanted something more than just great courses and world famous teachers. I realized that you can get traditional MBA courses anywhere and they will be more or less the same.

Finally, I met Hult’s alumni and students. Passion. Engagement. Self-motivation. They were different. Their feedback was more intense than that of the people from other business schools. They also made me see that the most important part of the MBA is ourselves. You are going to be the pivotal part of your MBA. It is more about the journey through the 2 years of the Executive MBA than the course content. Enrolling in this course will take you out of your comfort zone. That it will take the whole class on an intense journey of personal development, where we will deeply reflect and improve ourselves.


What will the future hold?

So I chose Hult. My classes started in October. I’ve already discovered an even bigger international community than that on the London class– I’ve been warmly welcomed by the wider Hult community in Paris. A new business family who I know will be around for the rest of my professional life.

With all these exciting new challenges and learnings ahead of me, my first day at Hult International Business School was in fact for me the first day of the rest of my business career. I don’t know what this new personal and professional future will hold but I know something exciting is going to come out of this. I’ll make sure of that.

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