As a global school with students across five campuses in different regions of the world, we’re always looking for new ways to connect students and employers. And now – we’ve taken our search into the cloud with our first virtual career fair.

More than 30 online events saw 1,300 students connect with employers from some of the world’s leading companies including Accenture, Bloomberg, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, and Henkel.

Connecting everybody, everywhere

The reach and scope of the online format meant the same opportunities were open to our all students wherever they were based. As one of our Master of International Business students in Dubai said, “I can get informed about the companies I’m looking for without moving outside the city I live in.”

The aim of the fair was threefold: to provide early career insights for students just starting their program; to enable students to secure slots in global leadership programs and graduate schemes; and for students to showcase their interest and engagement to companies they want to work for in the live virtual chats.

Interactive platform

The range of companies represented at the fairs, the depth of the information they provided, and the interactivity of the events prompted one MBA student in London to conclude, “It’s the best way to discover companies and interact with them.” Another MBA in Boston said, “It gives you an idea about the current job market and about what companies are looking for.”

Companies gave detailed information on their employer brand to students – which type of profiles and skills they are looking for and what their corporate culture is like. One of our Executive MBAs joining from Dubai commented, “It was a great chance to get to know about the company culture, and career progression opportunities from people who are already working there.”

Many of the companies attending were currently recruiting for global leadership programs, which they interview for a year in advance in order to secure the best talent. The fairs provided an ideal platform for them to give details on the programs and schemes available, for students to ask questions. They were also able to showcase their profiles for possible 1:1 interview follow up opportunities. Several students gained first interviews and have since secured offers.

Directly matching talent with opportunity

The virtual format of these fairs allowed for students and employers to network, connect, and exchange information across the globe in a very direct way. All students uploaded their résumés which are now stored in the companies databases. These online events, organized by our Corporate Services team, are all part of our continuing mission to find new, better ways to match the right talent, with the right opportunity, at the right time.

For us at Hult, and for the job market generally, this event showcased the possibilities for global job and talent search in the digital age. One Master of International Marketing student in Boston put it well when she said simply, “This is where everything is headed.”

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