Hult has seen Amazon become a top recruiter of our graduates as they look for the talent to take their business global and expand to regions beyond their strongholds in the U.S. and U.K. The first member of Hult’s MBA Class of 2015 to secure a job, six months before graduation, Umesh Tiwari, was employed by Amazon.

So what makes Hult ground for such rich-pickings for Amazon, and what about our graduates is so attractive for the company? Katherine Boshkoff, Hult’s Vice President of Global Career Development, has a straightforward answer:

“Amazon is now a global employer and we are seeing students achieve jobs in Europe and the U.S. Hult is the only business school that can provide talent in all global markets.

“Amazon prefers Hult students as they are business ready from day one, multilingual, and are a good fit for the very fast-moving culture at the company.”

According to Paula Quinton-Jones, Director of Career Services at Hult London, this upswing in the hiring of MBAs among e-commerce companies is part of a global trend:

“We are seeing increased demand from the retail sector for MBAs. This is mainly linked to e-commerce companies, such as Amazon, but also with traditionally brick-and-mortar brands such as Tiffany and Walmart.”

Why the increased demand for MBAs in this sector? Paula says it’s connected to the move to online:

“Traditionally retailers grew their own talent from the shop floor but the increase in technology and multichannel sales means that they are keen to bring in talent from other sectors and business areas who have experience of this type of innovation. MBAs are being hired into commercial and strategic development roles, particularly for online channels, as well as the traditional managerial areas of supply chain and logistics, and marketing.”

The opportunities this opens up for MBAs, particularly Hult MBAs with their uniquely global profile, is exciting and we look forward to seeing our global talent fuel the retail revolution.

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