Whether you’re an existing student, an incoming student, or still considering a degree at Hult International Business School, you’ll need to be prepared for a rigorous and rewarding academic experience.

I’ve got you covered with some essential study tips to help you succeed and ace your classes as a Hult student.

1. Attend all classes and be an active listener

This may sound obvious, but without attending class, you cannot fully understand the concept or know the materials that will be covered on an exam. Moreover, research shows that 80% of what we know is acquired through listening. So come to class prepared, be attentive, and listen effectively.

Hult professors love to engage with students during class to discuss, ask for ideas, or offer opinions. Professor Chivukula, one of my management professors, once told me, “You are a masters student, which means I will treat you like an adult and a future colleague. That’s why it’s no longer one-way communication but two.”

Through engagement and participation, not only will you gain deeper knowledge about the concept, your personal experience or opinions could inspire others.

“Research shows that 80% of what we know is acquired through listening. So come to class prepared, be attentive, and listen.”

2. Take notes during class

Good notes from a lecture are one of the most important things to have when it comes to preparing for an exam. If you have all of your notes (that is, a summary of everything that you have learned) these will prove an invaluable review tool.

Furthermore, research shows that students who don’t take notes tend to forget the vast majority of the content of a lecture after just two weeks. So always be ready with paper, a pen or pencil, and listen carefully to take good notes.

3. Do the required reading in advance

Most Hult classes have required reading, either in the form of a case study or an article related to the concept being taught. The purpose of the required reading is to equip you with basic knowledge of the concept and the ability to understand your professor’s presentation.

Also, if there are any concepts that you do not fully understand, you can be better prepared to ask your professor for more information.

4. Attend a TA session if needed

TA sessions are additional classes that are arranged by your professor and led by a Teaching Assistant (TA). They’re designed for students who would like a little extra help to go through class exercises, quizzes, or to review concepts again.

During a TA session, you can ask the TA to re-explain the course materials, re-do math problems, or help to solve any exercise or quiz questions that you may have gotten incorrect. The benefit? You’ll get a better understanding of core concepts and how to solve these types of questions in the future.

There is always a possibility that there will be similar questions during the exam, so use this TA session as a helpful review tool.

5. Come to peer-to-peer review

Based on my experience, peer-to-peer review is one of the best ways to study for finals. Studying together with friends who face the same problems, or learning from friends who excel in class is invaluable.

With our friends, we can use our own language and we don’t have any time limitation, so we can work together and help each other to gain an even better understanding of the materials.

“Studying together with friends who face the same problems, or learning from friends who excel in class is invaluable.”

Using these study tips, I hope you’ll be able to find your own best way of studying.


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