K-TV, Shanghai

Before my International Negotiations class kicked-off at Hult’s Shanghai campus, I considered myself a skilled negotiator. Upon reflection after class assignments, workshops and Professor Courtin’s life examples, I have come to understand that I am a mere toddler who needs to re-learn how to think before he speaks, and crawl before he walks in the shoes of a true negotiator. With every coming class, Professor Courtin raises the bar higher, and makes sure we put into practice what we’ve learned the class before. From having students sell a plot of land to making them negotiate a $4b project, the class definitely provides true hands on learning-experience. Together with my teammates, from various countries and professional backgrounds, we’ll be preparing to execute a 3 day long cross-cultural negotiation exercise. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we are all at once scared, excited and keen to “take the bull by the horns.” Karaoke TV, Roof-top BBQ and clubbing with sharks? Life in Shanghai outside of the classroom definitely doesn’t disappoint. Together with my new-found classmates and friends, we joined Professor Peter Hill as he hosted a BBQ networking event. Turns out “The Career Doctor,” as named by China’s Global Times, grills a pretty mean burger, too. For all of you wannabe X-Factor Stars, K-TV is the place to be. Not only is one free to sing here regardless of talent, but the crowd of encouraging peers inspires one to sing as loud and as long as possible (as long as you have a good taste in music). When it comes to clubbing, dancing shoes are required footwear attire for the infamous club, M1NT. I’m no stranger to clubbing; however, no one mentioned that at the passage-way to the dance floor we’d be greeted by a pack of hungry sharks. In true sense of the word, I was glad to survive and tell the story.

That covers it this week. Keep an eye-out for next week’s edition. Cheers from Hult’s campus in Shanghai!

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