The benefits of a Hult education aren’t limited to the classroom, the campus, or even to the time our students spend within a program. One of the best things about being a Hult graduate is how your experiences and the connections you made continue to help you grow beyond the boundaries of your program.

A big part of this growth potential comes from the Hult alumni network. With a Hult program comes unique experiences and global knowledge. Each year, our students continue to surprise us with new ideas and ways in which they challenge themselves. And so, many Hult alumni find themselves recruiting and hiring fellow Hult grads.

“The Hult network is powerful!” says Denis Hakes, a Senior Recruiter at Hubspot from the Hult Masters in International Business Class of 2015. “I was referred to Hubspot by my recruiter at Hult. Since I joined, I’ve recruited two fellow grads from Hult.”

Personal referrals help get you noticed in a big pool

Veerle Knechten, a Cloud Consultant at Google, has a similar story. “The Hult network got me into Google,” says the Masters in International Marketing Class of 2016 grad. While she found the position opening online, Veerle applied through a referral, “because it’s better to apply through a referral than online,” she explains. For Veerle, having the support of the Hult network made all the difference in her application. “A Hult alum helped guide me through the Google process,” she says. That help ultimately landed her in her first position at Google.

David Domene Luque, MBA Class of 2013 now working as an Area Manager at Amazon, agrees. “Hult’s global network is unique and incredibly valuable. After my MBA, my alumni network supported me, so now I return to Hult to do the same.” David has helped recruit four fellow Hult grads to Amazon this year, “The recruitment process is difficult, so it helps to have someone who knows how it works to guide you through.”

Recognizing the value of the Hult DNA

“Hult graduates are flexible, adaptable, and have a proven track record of delivering results in a global environment” David continues. “They’re competitive candidates for roles at a company like Amazon.”

Sofie Anniki Dralle, CEO & Founder of StopMyCraving, agrees. That’s why she hired a fellow grad from her Masters in International Business Class of 2015 once her company started to take off: “We all share the same driven mindset and determination to make our ideas a reality” she explains. “The Hult network really is amazing!”

For Jeni Oppenheimer, MBA Class of 2015, the Hult network helped in a different way. “While at Hult, the CEO of the U.K. Power Reserve contacted me randomly via LinkedIn,” she says, something she doesn’t think would have happened if it hadn’t been for what she’d learned during her program. “This connection didn’t come through Hult, but professors there taught me the importance of a strong profile,” she explains. Now, Jeni is the Chief Strategist for UKPR. “Two of my classmates now also work at UKPR,” she says, “and we are in the process of placing this year’s Strategic Advisors—several of whom may come from Hult.”

The importance of staying connected

The Hult alumni network is strong, and reliable says Veerle. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a like on Facebook, or a quick chat on WhatsApp, I talk to my friends from Hult every day,” she explains. “We all stay connected and help each other when needed.”

“I still lean on my cohort for all sorts of advice, and Hult as a talent pool,” Jeni agrees.

For Denis, it all comes down to the shared experience. “At the end of the day, working with different cultures in a project-based environment is just about the best education you can ask for,” he explains. “My expectations, even for myself, are unreasonably high—that’s how you push yourself to achieve more. I’d say Hult met those expectations, and at the end of the day it comes down to the people—staff and students.”

“Hult has a smart bunch of students,” Denis says. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have recruited some! Here’s to hopefully recruiting a few more.”

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Mel Cloney is a staff blogger working in London, and is passionate about the Hult journey. Her writing focuses on faculty, academics, and student and alumni experiences. She’s a food, scuba, and running junkie with a penchant for all things French.

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