Before I embarked on my MBA, I knew I’d be in a completely different environment than I was used to. I wasn’t even sure if I could do it. I kept asking myself: Am I good enough? Is the language barrier too difficult to overcome? But I had a goal: to discover and explore the world and see it from another point of view.
I will be honest—at first it wasn’t easy. But as I reflect back on how I handled different situations, I can see now that my biggest barriers were those I created myself. As I became more self-aware, and better understood my weakness and opportunities, I struggled with the realization of just how much effort it was going to take to change for the better.

At Hult, we are always working in teams. I remember in my very first team assignment (before the first module had even begun) I underperformed because I assumed that I couldn’t contribute as much as team members who spoke fluent English, and had more outgoing personalities. But when I got feedback, I was in for a surprise: my teammates saw in me much greater potential than I saw in myself.

In the weeks that followed, I paid attention to the feedback I received from my professors and navigators (management consultants who provide coaching to Hult MBA students), and reached out to classmates for additional feedback. This allowed me to get a good handle on what I needed to change to improve myself and achieve my goals.

Before I joined my team for the first module, I made the commitment to myself to be a better team contributor. I started to break down the barriers I had unconsciously created. I prepared ideas and comments before team meetings in an effort to be a better communicator. And it worked! After a few meetings, I sought feedback from my team about my performance, and the responses couldn’t have been more encouraging. That gave me the push and motivation I needed to start taking more risks. I realized that being on a team was more than just being capable, it was more about being prepared and ready to face the situation at hand.

My change in attitude resulted in a big boost to my confidence, which has helped me in my program—and outside school. Now, I’m not struck by insecurity when I make a mistake, because I know it’s not the end of the world, and it says nothing about my capabilities and potential. I bounce right back. I can feel the personal growth I’ve achieved every day. A friend told me other day: “You don’t seem like that shy and nervous person anymore. Now, you look like the confident and funny person that you really are.”

There’s no question: change is hard and uncomfortable. But when you commit to it, the results are worth the effort. Through my transformational MBA at Hult, I’ve become more self-aware and resilient. These are not just professional skills—they are life skills.

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