Written by Global Ambassador, Marc Ahlers, MIB & MFIN student, Hult Boston Campus Class of 2017.

I consider myself quite fortunate to have had the chance to travel back to my home country over the winter break. After an exhausting yet highly rewarding first Module in 2016, I enthusiastically awaited a wonderful time with my family and friends back home. I believe that experiences and education are two aspects that will never fade away in society. They cannot be taken away, and they continuously reward individuals of all backgrounds. They need to be treasured as such and thus, one of my goals in 2017, is to maximize experiences of all kinds by fully committing myself to pushing my limits and comfort zone. In fact, I reached my first milestone during Christmas break when I spent my break traveling across Germany and spreading the inspiration of a Global Generation student. Unfortunately, the time of adventure, excitement, and joy was soon over and instead, a demanding semester was waiting in front of my door. Despite a potential stressful semester ahead, I was extremely excited to meet my friends again, start new classes, embrace the Hult identity, and proceed on the journey of continuous improvement.

It was approximately one week before takeoff and I had already packed. Some people say that I pack too far in advance, but I think that planning ahead goes hand in hand with the excitement of what is out there. Finally, the day arrived, I got on a plane and headed for Boston.

This new module is filled with exciting plans, classes, and much more thrilling things along the way. Once again, Hult allows the opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge and cultural awareness on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to embrace change, help others achieve their full potential, and strive for excellence. We are exposed to a comfortable environment where we can prosper and experiment with the unknown. Aside from assigning us to different teams in every module, cohorts are also mixed and mingled to ensure maximum exposure to change. Students from the same nationality or experience are never placed into the same group. Instead, a change initiative is initiated where all nationalities are mixed with each other.

On this journey and before leaving for a program abroad, you will have many interesting encounters with family and friends. People tend to ask the same questions that all relate to the daily life of an international student, the people we encounter, the adventures we’ve experienced, and the struggles that we go through. It is very important that you constantly reflect on your progress and future. We need to ask ourselves: what went well in the past and what could have been done better? It is crucial to pause and reflect on one’s journey to maximize learning experiences and growth potential. I strongly encourage everyone to set short-term and long-term goals, all while reviewing your path and making appropriate changes. I assure you, new opportunities will always pop up and it’s important to make room for it.

Finally, I would like to emphasize Hult’s incredible efforts in ensuring its own continuous improvement. As a Dean’s Scholar, I was asked to communicate with the Global Dean a couple of days ago. What other university allows the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with its Global Dean? In my experience, there is only one school that provided an opportunity like this—Hult. Our conversation focused on Hult’s mission and vision, which greatly addresses students’ concerns and expectations.

Success is one of the most important determinants in life and Hult is indeed a very high achieving institution. It sets the bar and constantly raises it even further, leaving other institutions behind. Its journey has been highly successful and will continue to follow this path as everyone in our community strives for improvement.

Marc Ahlers is a Dual Masters degree student in Finance and International Business at the Hult Boston campus.His experience in working with KPMG in Germany has motivated him to pursue a career in management consulting. He was an international collegiate student-athlete at Northwest Missouri State University, where he won conferences and regionals. Apart from professional tennis, Marc is also passionate about traveling.

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