Sofie Anniki Dralle is a Danish student from the Masters in International Business Class of 2015. She shares with us why she left behind a successful corporate career to pursue her own business, StopMyCraving.

What led you to your startup, StopMyCraving? 

I had always worked in mergers and acquisitions but I wanted to make a big change. I had the idea for StopMyCraving, but I knew I had a lot to learn before I could manage every aspect of the business.

How has Hult helped you in your goal?

At Hult, I loved the access to entrepreneurs, being surrounded by intelligent people, and the cross-program pollination. My undergrad degree was too broad and theoretical, and I wanted a practical curriculum that also has a focus on entrepreneurship. I was drawn to Hult because of that.

What was your experience at Hult like? 

Doing my Masters at Hult, I learned to adapt and receive feedback constructively. I worked with people with strong personalities and they’ve helped me become more ready for the real world. I learned to put business first and my ego second.

Any last thoughts? 

This has given me a really amazing network and business opportunities all around the world. I’m grateful for the support I got from Hult, and I’m lucky to have a school that stood by me and rooted for my success. That’s why I hired a fellow Hult grad. We all share the same driven mindset and determination to make our ideas a reality.

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