The Corporate Relations team at Hult Shanghai took students to visit to Opple Lighting in Suzhou, a hot-spot city just an hour away from Shanghai. Opple is a pre-IPO lighting company that attracted many executives from its multinational competitors and its market share in China has exceeded Philips Lighting (China).

Frank Ding, Production Director of Opple, gave a presentation and a tour of the factory to the students. Ding gave our Hultians insights into how the company has achieved such staggering success in less than 15 years. Opple are now marching into the global market and hiring globally in Brazil, the Netherlands, South Africa, and India.

Opple’s recent growth has not only come domestically, but also internationally – with sales and services now offered in over 50 countries worldwide. This is due not only to the demand for their high-quality products but also to the company’s strong commitment to research and development.  Because of Opple’s emphasis on innovation, they have been able to stay at the forefront during the global switch to affordable LED technology.

Students at Hult Shanghai can join us on the next company visit to Opple’s state-of-the-art factory in Suzhou to find out more about this inspiring company and the global opportunities available there.

Hult Shanghai students visit Opple

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