Highlights from Hult Shanghai’s events scene

As China waves goodbye to the Year of the Snake and welcomes that of the Horse, the Culture Club host Hult Shanghai’s Chinese New Year celebrations, and we ask: what are the favorite occasions students have shared so far?

Some point to the first event of the academic year, Orientation – a high-energy welcome to the campus with action-led icebreakers that get everyone talking. Giving students the chance to introduce themselves to the people they’ll be working alongside in an informal environment, it’s uplifting to see the beginnings of personal and professional relationships, some of which will last a lifetime. Orientation is also a great opportunity to meet alumni over welcome drinks and get the lowdown from those who have recently been through the Hult Shanghai experience, firsthand.

Memorable for many this year was the cruise party held to celebrate the end of the first module. With a theme of “I’ve arrived in China” and competition for the Best Outfit Award fierce, the Shanghai students were an amazing sight. All dressed up in traditional and crazily creative costumes, everyone switched off from work as they cruised down the stunning HuangPu River.

With so many nationalities and cultures living together at Hult Shanghai, there is always a constant stream of events organized by students to share the customs and cuisine of their different countries. This year, everyone is talking about the great success of the German festival Oktoberfest held on campus. Pretzels, beer, traditional folk music and dancing; this celebration of all things German was new to many and – as was clear from the hilarious antics in the photo booth – enjoyed by all.

The experience called out as the highlight of the year, however, isn’t a party or cultural celebration. It’s the work students have been doing in the local community as part of the ‘Hultians Give Back’ initiative. Here, volunteers can have a real positive impact on the community they’ve made their home and get to understand the day-to-day issues faced by many in China. At the Shanghai Baby Home, volunteers have gotten to know each child’s story personally as they raise money for the charity that provides medical care for orphans with special medical needs. This project is ongoing and students on the Shanghai campus are researching and developing new ways they can help support the orphanage, applying the skills and knowledge gained from their studies in a community context that will make a real difference.

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Check out some the different cultures we bring together here at Hult, courtesy of Antonio Emanuele MaraMIB student: Hult’s Cultural Festival

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