A week has passed since I landed in China, and I must say that every day so far continues to be an adventure. From navigating Shanghai with the incredibly modern metro system, eating out or having a walk alongside the city’s amazing bund, here nothing leaves a visitor indifferent. Shortly after my arrival, the first elective course Solutions Marketing commenced and together with 70 “knowledge hungry” classmates from over 40 countries I embarked on an intense academic and professional journey led by world-renowned Professor Stephen Hurely, Managing Director, Solutions Insights Inc. Through a series of case studies examining global tech. companies, group work assignments, and the extensive professional experience Prof. Hurely brings to class, we continued to build our skill-sets and gained deeper insights in to the subject matter. In the weeks to follow our group assignment will have us interview a Senior Marketing Executive from EMC2 who will act as an external consultant providing vital data and information in order for us to prepare and deliver our final case presentations. When it comes to networking outside of the class-room, the Shanghai campus definitely doesn’t disappoint – just last Sunday Hult organized TEDx talks where opinion leaders such as Morry Morgan, co-founder of ClarkMoragan corporate Training China; Vito Di Bari, Innovation Designer for Expo 2015 Italy, Warwick John Fahy, author of The One Minute Presenter and many more shared their insights on how technology, education, design and China’s rapid rise to power are shaping the 21stCentury into becoming the “Century of China.” This was truly a night to remember!

Even though I’m not a regular Hult student and I’ve only joined the elective courses (Module E) I truly feel that through the Hult Global Experience program I am “Getting plugged in to the world.” This serves as a testament – ever since I arrived here I’ve had the opportunity to converse with people from various cultural, educational or professional backgrounds around the globe. The stories of their perseverance, failures and accomplishments have not only opened my eyes and expanded my worldview, but have also made me ask myself: Where am I going? What do I want to accomplish? How will I do it? – I am convinced that by the time this experience draws to a close, I’ll have an answer for each and every question!

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