Hult London MSE students curated an ‘Egyptian Revolution’ exhibition last week on campus. The photos were taken by a friend of one of our students caught up in the action in Cairo and Suez at the start of the year. The exhibition will continue on campus for the next two weeks.

About the Exhibition:

Silmeya Is a photography project on the Egyptian revolution. 61 photos on the historic events that shook the world and change a country in the heart of many generations.

in Arabic Silmeya means peaceful and this is the main message of this photo exhibit on the Egyptian revolution and it’s people. Also, on Friday of departure the Iman leading the prayer in Tahrir sq. called it the White revolution and in 18 days millions of people participated in a series of extraordinary events. In the Arab folklore Cairo is often called “Mother of the World” and this exhibition tells the story of simple, brave and strong people who come together and asked for their rights peacefully and determined. The spirit of the Egyptian revolution has no boundaries and it lives in any human being. We think it is worth for you to see faces and places that made this spirit seen to the world. The events depicted in this Exhibit has changed the lives of all who have lived them.

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