Thea Bellos is a Professor of Strategic Marketing and International Management at Hult’s San Francisco campus. She is also an acclaimed Berkeley artist, photographer, mentor, president of the Global Stewards Institute and Principal of The Bellos Group – a global marketing and management consulting firm.

The longtime educator, who teaches leadership at universities, business schools and even on ships at sea, is charged about her latest adventure.

“I’m working with people from all over the world: the next generation of leaders. These people are brilliant, creative, living on the edge. We bring out what’s amazing in each other,” she exclaims.

Coming from the mouth of a 63-year old traveler who has conquered a powerful foe in the breast cancer she refused to succumb to, the words arrive with the same force, charisma, and boisterous tones of her pictures.

“I love color. I fell in love with the yellow in Vietnam and had to have it in my living room,” she laughs.

Her photos, often described as painterly for their texture and masterful handling of color, reveal an architectural genius that transforms even a young girl’s face into a construct of angled planes and patinated surfaces. Previewing an exhibit and upcoming September talk at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club, curator Lynn Curtis said she was attracted to Bellos’ storytelling as much as to her artistry.

Thea’s work, showcase at the Commonwealth Club

“Her works speak to us,” Curtis says, through weathered faces and timeworn landscapes but mostly, “through Thea’s heart and eye.”

Showcasing in an exhibition entitled “Timeless Explorations: A Creative Odyssey,” Thea will speak about her work and inspirations on September 24th 2012 at 5:30pm at the Commonwealth Club. For more information about the exhibition, or Thea’s work, visit the full-length article published by Lou Fancher at the Oakland Tribute here

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