Written by Global Ambassador, Joy Meregini, MBA student, class of 2016, Boston campus, on rotation to New York.

As the academic year draws to a close, Hult students are presented with another opportunity to explore the world and go on rotation to another Hult campus. This presents an opportune time for students to decide how they want to shape their careers.  Hult’s global rotation program showcases why the school remains the leader in the innovative space in higher education by its disruptive approach to business school education.

There is no doubt that globalization is occurring on a rapid scale and its impact can be seen in literally every sphere of business. This has created a need to have well informed, culturally exposed and well trained candidates to fill the gaps in the business world that these new realities create. Therefore, business school students must be prepared for the challenges they would face in today’s workplace. When you look at traditional business schools, due to the history and normal bureaucracy that goes with such management structure, it is expected and there are good reasons for the slow response in reacting to the fast-moving realities.  The innovation of the administrators and academic resource staff would obviously go through the dawdling process of administrative red-tape before implementation. Not so with Hult! In a little over a decade, what the school has achieved under its new brand name (formerly the Arthur D. Little School of Management) is nothing short of remarkable. As every business student knows, speed is a competitive advantage!

One of the things we learnt in our finance class was, the concept of options, net present value, and opportunity cost of capital. When I was asked by my professor in the UK why I chose to come to Hult, my answer was simply that I chose the business school because I perceived a positive net present value. This simply means that the return on my investment in the business school education for a year, will far outweigh the opportunity cost of capital employed! A good example is the Hult student who graduated a few years ago and had an idea for a social enterprise that provides value to communities while being self- sustaining. Today, that idea, known as the Hult Prize has turned out to be the largest crowd-sourced social venture that organizes a competition in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative and awards $1,000,000 in seed capital to the winners. Another innovation of Hult, is the global rotation program.

The rotation program is an innovative way of enabling students to combine the robust intellectual training received from the school with the rich learning experience that comes with travel. Students have an option of travelling to one or two locations located among Hult’s 6 campuses globally and enriching their students experience for a short period within the one-year MBA program. I rotated from Boston to New York and an reaping the rewards of stepping out of my comfort zone. It is important to conclude this write up highlighting the attractions of splendor and excitement present in the Hult locations across the globe. These can be seen in the strategic locations of the Hult campuses: from the Freedom trail in Boston, the educational capital of the world, to San Francisco’s China towns; from the heart of the city of London to the Burj Khalifa and mammoth aquariums in Dubai; from Shanghai’s Promenade – The Bund, with its European feel, to the rotation center in New York at the heart of Manhattan, you can be sure to interact with each city’s people, language, culture and business leaders. This is the beauty of Hult and the reason it remains a top attraction for prime international students across the globe.

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