Hi Everyone!

Last week I visited the Boston campus for the very first time! It was a great experience! I was able to explore the campus, meet the different departments, and work closely with the fantastic Student Services team they have over there! Misha, Hallie, and David are an awesome group of people to work with and super helpful! They are very informative on a variety of different topics from campus rotation to graduation; they provided me with some great insight on the Student Affairs side of things.

While I was visiting, the Student Services team and I were able to swap some great ideas about the events we hold on our campuses, and the different strategies we use to organize and host these events. I was even able to sit in on their first Culture Quest of the year – The Netherlands! Attendance was great, it was a packed room, and the student presenting the Netherlands was both comical and informative, it was so much fun!

My trip to Boston provided me with a great opportunity to see how things are done on other campuses. I had such a great time in Boston, and those of you rotating to Boston for Module D or E are going to have a fantastic time as well!

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