Our business-savvy faculty come from over 45 countries and include everything from CEOs to PhDs and entrepreneurs.  Join us for a closer look at each of the 2017 “Professor of the Year” award winners and what makes them exceptional in the eyes of our students.

Dubai—Masters in International Business program

The Professor of the Year Award for our Masters in International Business program, Dubai campus, was awarded to Professor of Business & Economics Dr. Mark Esposito. Academic, government advisor, entrepreneur, and “Global Nomad”, Mark has consulted for central banks and institutions around the world, as well as NATO and the United Nations. He is currently studying for his second doctorate at the Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech. Mark teaches on Hult’s EMBA, MBA, and Masters programs across our London, San Francisco, Dubai, and Shanghai campuses. He also teaches at Harvard University and Grenoble Ecole de Management.

“Mark is a world-class professor who designs his classes in such a way that I was captivated from the first moment to the very end.”

-Alessandro Banzer, EMBA Class of 2017

CEO at Xiting LLC

Hi Mark. Congratulations on this award! Why do you think a global education is so important today, and how does this inform your teaching style?

The world has become a nest of integrated connections and globally distributed value chains. There is no country that can operate in isolation any more. It is all about the nexuses and connections. I see the world as part of a large system, and rather than focus on the individual parts of this system, I focus on the relationship between them. This has always shaped my way of thinking. I am a “shaper,” but more than anything else, a “connector.” I connect the dots—and this is what I bring to my classes, sharing the thought processes with my students.

Fascinating! And how does your background influence this way of teaching?

My experience is quite a distinctive blend of economics, strategy, sustainability, and complexity. This helps me to apply a unique perspective to multiple stakeholder analysis. Besides that, my nickname is the “Global Nomad” for a reason! I have lived and worked in over ten countries around the world and traveled everywhere. I am a natural born traveler and this has shaped the way that I am.

“Hult is the place where ideas become actions and possibilities. I just love stepping into the classroom—every single class is like a ticket to a great adventure.”

-Dr. Mark Esposito, Professor of Business & Economics

How does student diversity make a difference in the Hult classroom?

Being so uniquely global, the students bring in such a range of perspectives. They are smart, assertive, and opinionated—in all the right ways! It is the energy in each class that empowers me to make a true change in the lives of the students, and they are equally there to make an impact on me. Hult is the place where ideas become actions and possibilities. I just love stepping into the classroom—every single class is like a ticket to a great adventure. In fact, because of the passion I have observed in Hult students, I have myself recently decided to become an entrepreneur and co-founded a global Artificial Intelligence studio.

Fantastic. Thanks for chatting to us Mark and all the best with your latest endeavor.


More about Mark Esposito

Courses Mark teaches at Hult

Global Economics
Business & Global Society
Behavioral Economics
Complexity Management
Scenario Planning

Mark’s academic and notable achievements

Founder of Nexus FrontierTech Artificial Intelligence Studio

Nominated for Thinkers50 Radar

Nominated for a Breakthrough Idea Award at Thinkers50 for his latest book, “Understanding how the future Unfolds”

Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (candidate), Ecole Nationale des Ponts

PhD, International Business Management & Economics, International School of Management

Masters in Social Sciences, University of Turin

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