Hult faculty are more than professors—they are inspiring and supportive mentors who genuinely care about your Hult journey and beyond. Every year, our students vote for the professor who’s had the greatest impact on them. Join us for a closer look at each of the 2017 award winners and what makes them exceptional in the eyes of Hult students.


San Francisco—Bachelor of Business Administration program

The 2017 Professor of the Year Award for our Bachelor of Business Administration program, San Francisco campus, was awarded to Professor of Economics and Global Discipline Lead Don Uy-Barreta. As well as postgraduate degrees in both Economics and Finance, Don has over ten years’ experience in financial services, where he helped manage nearly $4.5 USD billion in municipal bonds. He was Program Chair at the University of California at Santa Cruz Extension for their Business Certificate Program, and Assistant Director for the Business Psychology Hybrid program at Palo Alto University. These days, when not teaching, he is a textbook reviewer and Fellow at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for their Education Advisory Group.

“I absolutely loved Don’s classes. Economic theories and concepts are often confusing, but Don provides great real-world examples that make it easier to understand, as well as actually challenging their validity.”

-Alexandra Trzoska, Financial Analyst, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, BBA Class of 2016

Hi Don. Many congratulations on the teaching award! How does your business experience inform your teaching style?

All of the topics we study are backed up by relevant business or economic examples to enable students to relate to the subject. When I was working in finance it was mandatory for us to be aware of current issues because it could affect our investments. So it’s critical that students too keep up-to-date with world, economic, and business events, and we often use the Wall Street Journal in class. Students get into the habit of referring to it frequently, which they will then continue to do in the business world. This will help them make better informed decisions—in both their personal and professional lives.

“Hult’s immensely diverse student population ensures that we cover topics and perspectives that are globally relevant.”

-Don Uy-Barreta, Professor of Economics

How does student diversity make a difference in your classroom?

Hult’s immensely diverse student population ensures that we don’t just study the United States but go all over the world to cover topics and perspectives that are globally relevant. It’s a wonderful learning experience for me, too, as my students teach me about their culture, food, and traditions.

Don captivates his global economics class in San Francisco

Why do you think it’s important for students to receive a global education?

Over the past 25 years, the world in general—and particularly in business—has become so interconnected that it’s now critical for students to understand how to work with different personalities, cultures, and geographies in order to succeed. The Hult classroom is a great “global business world in miniature,” where students can test themselves and grow in a safe environment.

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks Don!



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