For the Class of 2021, business has been used as a tool to give back and do good. Two of our exceptional students, Jessica Lozano Schmitt and Tumelo Seemule, have both played big parts in sharing their values and empowering their fellow students. Their talent and drive to instil positive change hasn’t gone unrecognized, as Poets & Quants has featured Jessica and Tumelo in its list of 100 Best & Brightest Business Majors of 2021.


Jessica Lozano Schmitt

Jessica Lozano Schmitt

Thanks to her drive, motivation, and academic excellence, Jessica is on her way to completing Hult’s bachelors program. In class, she is known for her frequent and challenging questions, consistently excellent course presentations, and high academic standards. Outside class, she is a dynamo of ambition and entrepreneurial creativity, from her work with educational innovators Electric Potential and MakerGirl to her TEDx talk, “The Power of Misspelling Your Name”, which explores how dyslexia has empowered her.

What has surprised you most about majoring in business?
I’ve been happily surprised by the focus on ethics, sustainability, and social impact at Hult. I’ve enjoyed the practical side of working in the non-profit and corporate space, and it’s been amazing to unlock the potential within it.

Do you get to meet influential people outside of Hult?
If you get out there, sure! I became the director of MakerGirl’s Harvard and MIT Academy (an NGO teaching young girls to 3D print to lower the gender disparity in STEM). I’m the
co-president of Women+ in Business and the vice program director at Hult Founders Lab. Women+ in Business recently hosted a panel named, “Everything About Being a CEO,” where 100+ students came to listen to three CEOs and founders speak.


Tumelo Seemule

Tumelo Seemule

Originally from Botswana, Tumelo has enjoyed the international vibe and global community Hult is famed for. He is a very active member of our student community: he has served as president of our Afro-Caribbean Club and been involved in the Fashion Club, Prism, and Management Club. He has invited several speakers from industry to share their experiences with students. Tumelo is a strong advocate for the LGBTQ+ community on campus and strives for inclusion, greater understanding and promotion of this community on campus. He has also initiated and started his own blog on YouTube and other social media platforms, aimed at raising awareness on critical issues affecting students.

Where will you be working after graduation?
I have decided to attend graduate school in the fall to pursue a Dual Degree, meaning I’ll graduate with a Masters in International Marketing and a Masters in Finance at Hult. (That’s how amazing this school is.)

Who is your favorite professor?
Mo Willan! I have never met anyone who outwardly cares about education and his students so much. Even when he is giving a lecture, it’s not only enjoyable to watch but you can tell from his passion that he is teaching from the bottom of his heart, which probes you to want to give it your best. He also goes above and beyond to ensure that students are understanding.

What advice would you give to a student looking to major in a business-related field?
Do it. The beauty about studying business is that you’re able to acquire the knowledge and then create whatever it is you want and move across various industries. I was caught between going to fashion school or becoming a pharmacist or a professional dancer … but I chose business, because why limit myself? With my business degree, I will be able to work, invest, or create a startup in any of these passion industries. So once again, my advice is DO IT!


We’d like to say a huge well done to all of our students, faculty, services, advisors, and everyone in the Hult community that challenges the status quo to create a better future. While rankings and recognitions are always great to have (thanks, Poets & Quants!), our biggest strengths are the level of diversity and unique differences that every individual in our community brings. This is what makes us stand as one unbreakable puzzle made up of all kinds of powers and pieces.

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