“Only in San Francisco” is a phrase that is often used to describe the uniqueness of the city. Share your “Only in San Francisco” moments through photos posted in LifeIn.

For each photo entry, please write a short caption describing your photo, and tag it with the category in which you are entering. The categories are:

  1. People and Culture
  2. Natural and Urban Landscapes
  3. “Hultians” Around the City

The photo with the most number of “likes” in each category will win a prize. One winner for each category. 


Love San Francisco? We do, too! We want to hear about your favorite places in and around San Francisco, from the best restaurants, weekend getaways, to insider tips and more.

Please tag each review you write with the category you would like to enter. Here are the categories: 

  1. “Living la vida local” What makes San Francisco such a unique place to live? It’s not the touristy attractions, but the small “hidden gems” in the city. Know of a good park, cafe, or place to study? Where’s the best happy hour, Sunday brunch, or yoga spot? Now that you’ve spent some time in San Francisco you’ll be able to review your favorite places like a local.
  2. “Foodie Paradise” In San Francisco, we love our food. We eat it. We talk about it. We socialize over it. What are your favorite places to eat in and around the city?
  3. “California Dreaming” Live and love California! What do you do when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of San Francisco? What is your favorite winery in Napa?  What about your favorite spots in Big Sur, Monterey, or Tahoe? Have you ventured even further?  Share your insider tips.

Winning submissions will be selected by the Hult San Francisco Student Services team and based on the following criteria: 1) Uniqueness of place/activity, and 2) Quality of review. One winner for each category.


Get started NOW at Contest ends DECEMBER 5.

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