Dale Barrett, an experienced and multi-talented business leader based in Afghanistan, has been named as Hult International Business School’s Alumnus of the Year 2011. Hult’s Alumni Association honored Barrett, an American, for his superb leadership across a number of sectors, and his exceptional humanitarian work.

(BOSTON – August 22, 2011) A former lieutenant in the Rhodesian military, Barrett studied at Hult’s Boston campus in 2001. He then went on to manage large teams across a wide range of industries – from consultancy to technical services – and has successfully doubled revenues; cut spending and improved safety and security at a number of high-profile organizations. Now, as Director of Security & Military Liaison in Afghanistan for International Relief & Development, an American firm, he is working on numerous developmental projects and humanitarian efforts within the war-torn country.

Barrett’s responsibilities include working closely with the US military, overseeing the operations of security companies, and supporting one of the largest road building undertakings in the world in Afghanistan. “Our key aim is to develop roads so we can bring about an improved economic model,” Barrett said. “As we develop new roads, we send in community outreach teams to encourage entrepreneurship, particularly in small bazaar-style operations. The teams support local villagers through small grants to establish small businesses, from bakeries to chicken farms.”

Previously, Barrett had been General Manager at Pep Boys, a leading automotive services firm with 675 stores, and Director of Parts and Services at Campers Inn Group, which sells RVs. When asked what advice he would offer to the business leaders of tomorrow, Barrett said: “My biggest bit of advice is to be humble, yet strong. Understand you make mistakes and don’t know it all and that calling on others is key–in other words, surround yourself with a team of people from different disciplines and then be sufficiently strong to make a decision after hearing everybody’s contribution.”

Barrett believes his time at Hult has helped him immensely. He said: “I’m still in close contact with some of my old classmates. But it’s more about bouncing ideas off each other, rather than striking business deals. It’s good to know there are friends in different countries you can share thoughts and ideas with and receive honest feedback—a global brain bank on which you can draw on others intellectual capital.”

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