We’re excited to announce that Hult International Business School has teamed up with Ernst & Young (EY), to offer another unique program, the EY Master’s in Sustainability by Hult. This is the latest qualification to come from this powerful collaboration following the 2021 launch of the EY Master’s in Business Analytics by Hult and the EY Tech MBA by Hult, which has been running since 2020.

Dedicated to all EY people (312,000) exclusively. It will be free of charge and available to all, regardless of rank, tenure or location. This new qualification is being launched alongside a recent survey of EY people globally which found nearly three-quarters (74%) said that they want to participate in activities that have a positive impact on communities and the environment.

The EY Master’s in Sustainability by Hult, the first qualification of its kind, will significantly expand sustainability and climate literacy among EY people and help them translate those skills into new and innovative sustainability services for clients around the globe. All learning will be provided entirely online and candidates will be able to study from anywhere in the world, at a pace that works for them.

“Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our time and taking a lead on climate change is a vital element of building a better working world. EY people are passionate about tackling global challenges and this qualification will help both the EY organization and EY clients become true leaders in building a more sustainable world.”

-Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO 

The new qualification will be awarded by Hult International Business School, which is renowned for its skills-focused approach to education and commitment to practical learning. Hult is the first triple-accredited business school in the US and regularly ranked as one of the top business schools in the world.

“This new Master’s is the first of its kind and it will help EY people tackle some of the most important issues organizations are currently facing. I am proud of the learning opportunities that help them to build the careers they want, in a way that works for them.”

-Trent Henry, EY Global Vice Chair – Talent

“Hult has been passionate about social and environmental sustainability and its intersection with business for quite some time, having pioneered in teaching it as a core topic in our MBA program more than 10 years ago. Today, we are delighted to be collaborating with EY to educate its people on viewing sustainability as both a business challenge and competitive opportunity. The customized curriculum of this innovative program efficiently upskills students in high growth areas for client work and is a differentiator in the talent marketplace. The more learners that engage with this practical, hands-on, sustainability curriculum, the sooner we get to a better working world.”

-Mukul Kumar, Hult Chief Innovation Officer 

In addition to building climate literacy among its people, EY is committed to accelerating climate action. In 2021, the EY organization became carbon negative, a major step toward achieving the EY carbon ambition of becoming net zero by 2025. To achieve this ambition, EY has set an aggressive target to significantly reduce its emissions by 40% by 2025 through seven key actions.


Alongside the work the organization is undertaking to become more sustainable, EY teams continue to develop and invest in global sustainability services for EY clients. The services are focused on value-led sustainability, helping EY clients capture the business opportunities from sustainability and decarbonization, while also protecting and creating value.

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