Many future-focused professionals come to Hult to accelerate a career change. In fact, an impressive 98% of our alumni change location, industry, or function when they graduate.

Before Hult, Class of 2017 alumna Nicole Tobar was working for a major tobacco company in her native Ecuador. Having progressed to a senior branding role, she decided she was ready for a new challenge. “I think what drove me was the search for the next milestone in my career,” she recalls. “I wanted a platform that would allow me to discover new places and industries.”

So, she packed her bags and headed to Boston to start her Masters in International Business at Hult.

After the intensive one-year program, Nicole landed her dream-job at beauty giant L’Oréal as Product Manager for Lancôme Fragrances. Now based in Miami, Nicole credits her time at Hult with helping her develop the skills, network, and confidence she needed to make her biggest career move.

“Not only have I had the opportunity to switch industries, but I am discovering a new amazing city: Miami,” Nicole says.

“All the tools and soft skills I developed at Hult were definitely key to tailoring my professional profile and getting me where I am today.”

We had the chance to ask Nicole a few questions about her time at Hult and how her studies became the catalyst for a career change. 


What is it like studying business at Hult?

Dynamic and diverse. I think it is the only school in the world where you are immersed in such a diverse environment, which gives you the chance to work with people from all over the world.

Nicole Tobar Global Generation
Hult helped me see the world and embrace life as part of the #GlobalGeneration.

Even though I had worked in a multinational company before, this was the first time I was actually involved in an international environment. Cultural differences, language barriers, and different ways of working were obstacles, but we learned to overcome them through empathy.

The program is also tailored to help you develop the leadership skills that will be key in the next step in your career. I considered many schools before choosing Hult, and I am happy to say I made the right choice. I was searching for a hands-on curriculum where I can put my learning to work every day, and that is exactly what I got.


“The program is tailored to help you develop the leadership skills that will be key in the next step in your career.”

Were you involved in any clubs or societies on campus?

I was very involved with the school. I started in the Marketing Club as their PR manager, where I was able to bring in very cool companies like Hubspot to campus. Later on, I got involved with the Hult Prize and worked as head volunteer in the regionals in Boston.

Nicole Tobar Hult Prize
Part of the team behind the Hult Prize regionals in Boston.

But my favorite part of getting involved at Hult was having the opportunity to work with Career Services as part of their Corporate Relations team.


Did the Career Development Team help you make this big move in your career?

Yes, the Career Team was amazing! If I had to chose three services that made a huge difference for me, I would say:

  1. Career Strategy Sessions with my advisor. This was the best tool to help set myself goals, strategize my next steps, and learn how to tailor my profile to different opportunities.
  2. On-campus recruitment events. These were, by far, one of my favorite campus events. Not only was I recruited through one of these events, but they are a great opportunity to network with professionals from different industries.
  3. Alumni Bootcamp events. These proved to be the best opportunity to expand my network and better understand where I wanted to be next. Plus, having the opportunity to see the success of Hult alumni who came back to share their story really encouraged me to challenge myself.
Nicole Tobar Loreal
My dream job! I was recruited by L’Oreal as part of a campus event.

How has your time at Hult changed you or helped you achieve your goals?

I think the best example is where I am now: Hult helped me land the job of my dreams.

The program changed me in many ways. Living abroad and making friends—who have become family—from all over the world was amazing. I think Hult opened my mind to a world of endless possibilities.

Nicole Tobar partner
Fun fact: I also met my boyfriend during my masters. He’s from Norway, so our paths wouldn’t have crossed without Hult!

I also learned to lead diverse groups, understand my own role within a team, and determine how I could I match my areas of improvement with other’s strengths to achieve success.  Ultimately, Hult helped me develop emotional intelligence, which I can apply in any working team or environment.


“Hult helped me land the job of my dreams and develop emotional intelligence, which I can apply in any working team or environment.”

How would you finish this sentence? “To me, Hult is…”

…my favorite adventure so far!



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