Swedish-born Johan Staël von Holstein spoke last week about “Entrepreneurship, How to succeed & Internet then and now: and in the future”. Johan has an impressive track record with numerous international awards and acknowledgements for his pioneering work as an IT-entrepreneur. For several years Johan has been one of Sweden’s top 50 most influential people by fundamentally changing the climate and attitude of entrepreneurs.

Johan Staël von Holstein inspired our students with the message that life is unfair but if you take personal responsibility and work hard to get what you want you will reach success. Johan also spoke about his challenging views about individual ownership rights on the internet and how it will affect us in the future.

Notable quotes from Johan’s talk:

“The best thing in the world is Love. The second best thing is Entrepreneurship.”

“All global corporations were founded by an entrepreneur.”

“Ingvar Kamprad (owner of IKEA) owns 100% of his company; because no one believed in him. “

Johan has a Master in Marketing Management from Stockholm University and has studied MBA courses at Harvard.

A clip of Johan Staël von Holstein speaking at Qi 2011 on October 12-14. Qi is the leading innovation network in Asia where CEOs, Investors, Heads of Design & Product Development, Creative Directors, Entrepreneurs and Artists meet at a unique three-day gathering.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/30570996]

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