When the school asks you to interview Ian Davis (former Managing Director of McKinsey & Co.), you simply reply “yes” without doubting it for a second.  The possibility of meeting with someone as experienced and successful as Mr. Davis is exceptional.  And the idea of being able to ask him whatever questions we like is unique.  Of course, enter “anxiety” – “Will he find our questions compelling?”, “Will we offend?”, “Will we ask him a question he’s already addressed?”…in front of an audience of more than 100 people.

Interestingly enough, meeting the very approachable Ian Davis right before the event enabled us to move ahead confidently.  He was open to answering any question, from us or the audience.  Mr. Davis’ insights on leadership, built from 30 years of experience meeting with the most influential CEOs of the world, were priceless.  His recommendations on how to prepare for future leadership roles and even for interviews were received with enthusiasm by the guests and especially us.  Ian Davis is a rockstar in the consulting world – in our excitement, we just forgot to ask for his autograph.

-Alejandro Vera & Heaven Denyer, MBA Candidates 2012

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