The ball  

On December 11th, 2021, the students of the Hult London undergraduate campus had the opportunity to attend the yearly Winter ball. Coming back in full delight after been put on hold due to the pandemic. 

This year’s theme was “A Night at the Museum” and it was held in none other than the British Museum of Natural History. It was even more fabulous and grand than imaginable. It gave students the opportunity to unwind from a challenging semester. 

The location  

The entrance led into the earth hall where attendees were greeted by the “most intact fossil of a stegosaurus” ever found. Three meters tall and almost six meters long skeleton, the figure was the centrepiece of the night and an amazing backdrop for plenty of photos. 

Moving along there was the never-ending escalator that took guests inside the globe, a main characteristic of the earth hall. On the top floor there where complimentary drinks awaiting to begin the night. From there on, the guests had many options and different exhibitions to look at—a total of four floors to explore and gaze upon while in full formal attire.  

The exhibitions  

Within every exhibit, there were different things to see, accompanied by some surprises like small hidden bars and sometimes live music to enjoy. From views of the formation of the earth, to different types of wildlife on the planet, both current and ancient—the exhibits had a great deal to see and learn from while gliding across the museum in beautiful dresses and elegant tuxedos.

The unexpected delights  

Moving down the back stair case there was plenty to see as the main hall could be appreciated differently from the change in height from each of the floors. And just before the ground floor, there was an area where attendees could get pictures taken, eat some canapes, or have many flavors of cotton candy! 

The whole experience was a shock to the senses. The view from every floor had something new to discover. Seeing the different exhibitions with friends while enjoying some nice music, the excellent snacks and appetizers that would make their way across the hall every few minutes, and getting surprised by the small details along the path of the museum truly made an incredible experience that could be said is once in a lifetime.  

The main event  

If you decided that instead of climbing up the world stairs and continued to walk to the end of the hall, you must have encountered the dance floor, where most of the night took place. Different types of music were played from all over the world. There was a little of everything that represented the international aspect of the student body.  

It was fascinating to see how everyone experienced the night in their own way. How when you have people from across the globe, their personalities, customs, and life story can be expressed by how they look. Having the chance of a night like this allows us to see how different people show themselves in their make-up, accessories or even the color of their tie. This was truly a unique experience where laughter and dance created a great addition to the beauty of the museum.  

The artists  

As with some things in life, a picture is worth more than a thousand words like on this night at the museum. However, we are in luck since at Hult we have amazing and extremely talented students who took amazing photographs of the event. 

It takes two to tango  

Clemence Moreau is a senior at the London campus, and for the winter ball, she wanted to give a “Festival of Cannes” look to her photographs. She sees her photos as a challenging dance. Where the model and her go back and forth to create the photograph. It is more than just giving orders or telling them what she wants. The true essence of a frame is making someone feel comfortable and be themselves in front of a camera.  

Her work focuses more on the creative side, where a concept, outfit, or makeup look serves as the base for the idea she has in mind or the flow of her art. As are her videos on the topics of hair, shoes or just getting a glimpse of what young people think about the world and their day to day. 

Take this moment and freeze it in time  

Hult Student—the very talented Wilhelm Schenk talked about how for him taking pictures is a way to show stories that don’t need any words. It gives him the ability to share them with the world and keep a record of them forever. “With a camera in my hands, I gain the superpower to freeze time and its consistency. In my work I try to utilize those powers to create memories that you keep wanting to go back and look at”. 

He dives deeper into finding the complete view of what makes people who they are. To see them letting everything go, focusing on the joy of people dancing with friends, and sharing that with each other. There is no difference here if it’s someone you have known forever, or you just bumped into them on the dance floor. He says “In my photographs, I tell the story of my subject, I try to find unique traits that reveal who they are, what they are feeling, and what do they have to say”.

To see more of Wilhelm’s amazing storytelling and the thousands of memories embedded in his beautiful photos you can follow him on Instagram or be on the lookout for his upcoming website 

Something grand always comes from behind the scenes  

The real star of the night goes out to the staff and the student services team for creating an unforgettable night. All the detail and consideration about making these wonderful experiences be remembered by many. It is one thing to have a fantastic night filled with glamour and fun. It is a completely different one to do so in a museum that houses so much knowledge and splendor. Just the building in itself and the way the lights and decorations danced across its columns was mesmerizing. And on top of that, being able to remember the night by sharing it with your closest friends and classmates is truly an unforgettable night.  

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